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Monday, June 7, 2010

Rash Watch 2010...gross, right?

So, here is what Matt looked like this morning...markedly worse than yesterday...

Ugh...seriously? Still not on his back though...

Oh...poor much worse than yesterday!

Ew...gross reddened hands.

If you click on this picture, you can see his little ear...Matt's look of shock and dismay equaled mine at that point. My kids are getting really good at mimicking emotions now!

After trying to get through to the pediatrician's office for 30 minutes, I finally got an appointment. They suggested that we go to the "Contagious Room" since they were unsure of what it was...made me feel like a leper! Anyway, Husband met me there so he could walk Hailey around the office building while I took care of Spot (yes, that's what I'm calling him these days...he's taken a liking to it). The Good Doctor came in, asked some questions, listened to me, and examined Matthew...fully. God, that kid does NOT like being put down on that paper...hates it.

Turns out, it's viral...he was a little shocked at how quickly and completely it spread, but it's a virus. Gross, right? No oozing, puss, blisters, pimples...thank God...I'd have a complete nervous breakdown if this shit came with extra fluids. Take extra care in the sun and notify them if it gets worse.

Thanks for all of your concerns...I really like hearing that this crap happens to other people. Makes me feel like less of a leper.

Oh, and when I was snapping Matt's update shots, Hailey got very enraged that she wasn't in on the action, so here is her morning photo...what a little diva we have emerging! Ugh...just my luck, right? Doesn't she know that she can't replace me?

More tomorrow about this...I am so freaking excited about this. That's right...our very own C.S.A.!!!! Pick up on Wednesday! I can't wait!!!

Great weekend...if you don't count this full body rash...

We had a good weekend...Matt was a little whiny when we went out to dinner on Friday night, but the food came quickly and we made a speedy escape before total meltdown. I'm glad we took the kids out to eat early in their lives b/c they're a little more familiar with it now. It's definitely becoming more of a challenge though.

Swimming went well Saturday morning. Hailey would enjoy it much more if I didn't have to hold her, but I can't let her drown, right? Everyone was exhausted after swimming, but all workouts were done and we could just hang out for the rest of the day. We noticed a little redness around Matt's ankles and knuckles as we bathed him Saturday night. We didn't really think much of it as it wasn't bothering him. We figured he got into something outside, but again, it wasn't really bothering him.

Sunday morning Husband goes for his long run and the kids sleep until 8:30...nice, right? When I go up to get them, I find that Matt's rash had spread to most of his body. The only place I wasn't seeing it was his back (although there was some on the back of his neck) and his diaper area (ironically enough as that's where he usually gets all of his rashes). Poor kid...but it wasn't bothering him. I called the on-call doctor and he asked me a bunch of questions...trying to determine if it was an allergic reaction, I'm sure...didn't sound like it. He thought it could wait until this morning, but asked me to take pictures just in case it changed. My friend, J, saw it when she dropped Husband off and said that her son had something like that at the end of a virus...and Matt's at the end of a virus. I'm hoping that's all it is. Here are some pictures for your viewing (and amateur diagnosing if you're up for it) pleasure. Hope your weekends were good...will update after we see the doctor!

See? Right around his knuckles...not on his palms though.

Poor little the day went on, there seemed to be more redness around his toes, but maybe that's just b/c he was walking around more.

Fat little knees...Hailey learned to call them "dots" through the day.


Crotch doesn't go past his diaper though.


Mom, STOP!!! Enough!!! He has a few on his face, but not enough for anything serious according to my research. If he had sores right on his mouth or inside his mouth, I'd be petrified about this (highly contagious) disease!!!

Through all of that, I was able to get this little snapshot of the Crazies TOGETHER!!! That never happens and I love this picture!

Depending on how long you've been following my blog, you might remember that I had PUPPPS during pregnancy...doesn't this look exactly like that? Ugh...nightmares about that...hated it!!! So glad it's not bothering Matt.