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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Young and the Rashless (almost)

So, I guess it really is viral...Good Doctor was right...

Knees are better...a little rashy, but much better!

Ankles are better...the red used to go all the way around the ankles and through all of the fat creases...God, I hope no one ever uses that terms for my body parts...fat creases...gross!

Arms still look a little bumpy, but not so red.

I'm pretty sure he scratched that one on his face, but other than that, they're definitely fading.

Guess she wasn't getting enough attention...she did this to herself. This girl is turning into a real crack-up!

We ate lunch outside again today and it was beautiful. These past two days have been the best hair days in a, low humidity, gentle breeze to caress my tresses...but I digress. As Matt frolicked in the sun, I noticed the rash getting a little more red, so we came inside...cue horrible tantrum for no reason...oh well...

They're obsessed with their "babies"'s hysterical. Hailey brought hers into BJ's today...loves it.

Our first CSA pick-up is tomorrow. I'm going to bring the kids to the farm so we can check it out. There are some really beautiful pictures on their website. Sight unseen, it looks wonderful...someone is really handling this business correctly. They email a letter saying what we'll be receiving and what's going on at the farm (they have new lambs and some baby chicks this week). They also send weekly recipes based on the fruits and vegetables that we're receiving that awesome! Husband kind of needed to be talked into it, so I hope it's worth it. I'm definitely going to bring my camera tomorrow to capture some of the kids' first impressions. This week we are receiving the following: strawberries, baby potatoes, 2 lettuces, peas, spring onions, radishes, zucchini, assorted herbs, your choice of bread and a dozen pasture raised eggs.

I think we'll be saving some $$$ in the produce section this psyched!

Waking Up

What happened to my shirt?

I had the best dreams.

Kind of embarrassed by his new Flashdance look.

Lala...popping her little head right over the crib rail.

Can you please fix my shirt, Mom?

This post may be a little self-indulgent. Since I've been tutoring three nights a week, I've been missing the Crazies waking up from their naps. It's always so cute, but this day was especially cute between the shirt and the bedhead...I just couldn't resist. Is it a little demented that I get jealous that Babysitter gets to wake them up on some days? It's almost week is finals and then we all get a well-deserved break from tutoring. We will not do this again...two nights is plenty!