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Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Funyuns good were Funyuns? I say "were" because they're dead to me now...I am trying to be a good recovering Junk Food addict...trying so hard, but everything is sooooo good and yummy! Enough! They're not for me anymore...I don't want that life (no, but seriously...I do)!

Quick little ditties that don't get their own post:

  • I believe that parents should receive compensation from the government for every new word their child learns. After all, we want to be a well-spoken society, right? Well, how does that happen? Parents! Shit, they're giving money to everyone else, right? Why not me too???
  • It doesn't count as calories when I eat all of the broken animal crackers, right? Seriously, why would I want to give my kid a lion with no about traumatizing.
  • Hailey seriously thinks that Husband's job is mowing lawns (not that there's anything wrong with at). Every time she asks for Dada, I say, "Dada's at work." Then she launches into a tirade about "mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow." Then I have to explain that Daddy is not mowing, that he's working. Then she launches in with "blow blow blow blow blow (because that's what you do after you blow the grass off the sidewalks)." Let's be clear here, I'm sure that if Husband's job was mowing lawns, he would be experiencing a lot less stress, but that's just not how it is, Hailey. She's just not ready to accept it.
  • Loving summer b/c since we're playing outside more, there is less clean up inside...awesome! Loving eating outside b/c it's less clean up inside...awesome!
  • Rash is all gone...yippee!!!
  • Matt and Hailey have started wrestling before they get into their cribs. It's hysterical to see how different their "styles" are. Hailey is more of the sneak attack kind of girl. While Matt is a total steamroller...he just doesn't stop and he's rough. We have to intervene sometimes, but in general, we just sit back and laugh. It's all part of being a kid, right?
  • I was bragging to Husband about how well I've been eating this week (this damn carb restriction is going to kill me) and he dares to question the missing row of brownies (I gave them all to the kids, I swear). Then I have to launch into a lecture about how chocolate is not a carb and indeed has its own food group...I just couldn't believe he tried to lump it in with something else. Chocolate has its own little sliver on the Food Pyramid and I will refuse to believe otherwise.
Have a great weekend!!!