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Monday, June 14, 2010


Wow...who knew all of this actually existed about poop? I would have posted the entire link, but seriously...I don't want to give mu.ffslapdotcom any more exposure than they've already created for themselves.

I have a question about poop...should I give it a capital? Poop? That's not my question...

Matt eats a lot of fruit.

Matt does not have solid poop.

At all...


Is there something wrong with him? (That's my question)

Should we "bind him" more? More corn! More bananas! More cheese!

Is this normal?

Is it a virus?

Why am I thinking about someone else's Poop so often?

Every single time, it's a blowout. He has a blister on his tush cheek...poor kid.

It's getting better, but it's there...constantly reminding me that I didn't change his diaper the instant that he Pooped! Bad Mommy...

Maybe this is just a lingering from the virus...gross...lingering runny Poop.

Could my life get any better? ( I had to explain to you)

Why is it never solid?

Shouldn't it be solid by this point in his life??? (That's a question)

Poor kid.

He's not in discomfort.

Should we cut back on the fruit? (That's another one of my questions)

Seriously...I need ideas...I need to see solid Poop...only my son's though...seriously...don't send me any pictures of your own little turds...seriously....I'm not interested in anyone else's Poop...ever...except for maybe Hailey.

And They Clean Too...

Yeah, they're cute, but why do I really keep them around???

Here's why...when a little water should happen to escape from the sippy cups that they're holding (upside down), they freak out and beg for paper towels...the following cleaning frenzy then ensues.

Ma! Ma!!!! Give me a paper towel...some water spilled on the floor!

What now? We're trying desperately to get it all up, but all you gave us were these dinky little select-a-size...I think we're going to need a mop for all of this water.

I'm going to keep trying...I'm sure I can get this done.

Oh yeah? Well, I'll tell you who's done...ME! I'm more cleaning for ME!

Typical, right Mommy? Typical that I'm left to clean everything up. Huh...all done! Can I have a shirt now?