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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trash TV Tuesday

TV shows that I can't stop watching:

The Bachelorette
The OCD Project
The Housewives of NJ
Kate + 8

I have issues.

Ali...send Tattoo Freak home...he's unstable. Bye bye're a freak too. Frank, I love you and your dorky glasses.

OCD...I may have a touch of this disorder, but I really feel for some of these people. I love the doctor though...he doesn't screw around. sad that Theresa is filing for bankruptcy, but not surprising. Danielle, your sex tape is such an amazing way to be a role model for your daughters. All of the ladies, your houses are too big. Husband, don't berate me for watching this "shit." Be happy that I'm not like them!

Kate + 8...I've only seen one episode b/c I wanted to see the kids, but doesn't Kate seem like she's drugged? I'm sure she's on something...what can I say? It's not a judgment...I'd be on something too if I had to deal with all the shit she's had to!

What are you watching these days??? Do you think you can get me hooked on more Trash TV???