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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

OMG...I love this place...I'm officially a Tree Hugger now...kinda

Put your shoes on.
No shoes on the couch.
Put your shoes on.
Let's go...put your shoes on.
You're going to fall off the couch.
How the hell did that old picture get in this collage?
Put your damn shoes on!!!!

Holy crap, look at the balls on that sheep.
Don't touch the wire. I can't tell if it's electric or not.
Wow...those are pretty flowers.
Hailey, I can't believe you're still afraid of the chickens.
Matt, don't walk in the dirt.
Matt, don't step in chicken shit.
You're gonna get hit by a car.
Check out our haul this week...cherries, two lettuces, cucumbers, green beans, peas, spring onions, squash (yellow and pattypan), white potatoes, dill, sage, eggs, and some awesome honey whole wheat bread that Husband can't stop eating.

Could barely get any pictures of Hailey after dinner b/c she was running around like a fool!
Matt kept trying to wrench the ball out of Brie's jaws.
That kid has no fear.
I had to beg Husband to take my picture with the kids.
He went searching for the camera...I had it in my pocket.
I'm so glad tutoring is over for the summer.
Now I can spend time with some of my favorite people.
Huh...somehow that sheep balls picture made it in this collage too...gotta work on my Picnik skills!

Please...don't even ask why my face looks so greasy...let's just say that I made the best out of what could have been a shit day today...that makes me awesome as a Mother!!!

Honest Scrap Award...

I'm a winner! Haha...I crack myself up.

Thanks to Marcia (she makes a lot of lists, so we were destined to be friends...only Internet friends at this point b/c she lives in South Africa) for this award...I'm sure I'm getting this b/c I'm brutally honest about many topics, but who knows? Maybe she just felt bad for me.

I'm supposed to list 10 things about myself that you probably don't know. Here goes:

  1. I only sleep in nightshirts and shorts when my legs are shaved...I hate hate hate grosses me out!
  2. I am a visual learner. Everyone has a style...visual, auditory, tactile. If I don't write things down or see it in written form, it's gone...seriously gone. Husband used to think I was joking or just being lazy until he realized how much better I am with the written word. That being said, I can reread books several times b/c I always forget the ending...that's a reading comprehension/retention problem IMO...ugh...issues, I tell ya!
  3. I have a tattoo...I'm seriously considering getting it removed as it is visible in the summer with tank tops and cute little dresses and always makes me think twice when getting dressed. I got it at a confusing time in my life and it just isn't who I am any more. So, I have approached Husband about getting it removed and he's on board (although he doesn't think it's necessary...he just wants me to feel comfortable). It's an expense, but it may be worth it.
  4. I'm a freak about being from NY...I never knew how much I liked it until I moved away and stopped visiting as much. I miss it...I miss the city...I miss the beaches...I miss the accents (can't believe I miss the accents...more the fast talking than the accents)...I just miss it. There's nothing like New York.
  5. Chirping birds annoy me.
  6. I'm not a "dog person." Too bad it took me actually owning a dog to realize that. She's a good dog...I'm just not a "dog person."
  7. I love taking pictures...I've always loved it. Now, if I actually had the patience to sit down and actually learn about my camera, I could get a little better!
  8. I thrive on much so that I really need to commit to different activities to get myself out of my routine. I say "no" to a lot of things b/c it doesn't fit in with my routine and that's just silly...silly, I tell ya!
  9. I miss, I'm not going back until the kids are in school, but I miss those mixed-up teenagers so much...weird, huh?
  10. One of the biggest reasons that I'm so afraid of potty training is that I don't want my house to smell like urine. So, this summer, I need to stock up on scented candles and those things you plug in the wall to avoid this horrible horrible fate. Again...issues...