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Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Funyuns

  • Still dumbfounded over Husband's admission that he's sick of me using lemon in my cooking...sorry, Hun...guess I'll stop using the freshest ingredient on Earth!!!

  • Note to self: When you give Crazies old cell phones to play with, make sure the alarm is set to "off." That way you'll avoid having simultaneous alarms going on on a random Tuesday upstairs and one downstairs...craziness!!!

  • It takes me like 5 days to send a card these one - buy the card, day two - take the card out of the bag, day three - fill out the card/envelope (yeah, that's a big day), day four - remember when I put return address labels and put one on the envelope, day five - stamp and mail. I have issues...

  • So afraid to eat fresh eggs from the CSA...every time I crack one, I expect to see feathers and a little beak!

  • I went to get some wine after MY LAST OFFICIAL NIGHT OF TUTORING FOR THIS YEAR. I walked in and, I gotta say, I was looking pretty cute. The guy at the counter said, "whoa...the pretty girls just got here." I said something humble of course. Then he retorted with " have no idea...we had some real Ugs in here a little while ago." So, my question is, should I be happy that I got called pretty? Or be slightly disappointed that it was only after "Ugs" were in the store?

  • We got a fence!!!! FREEDOM!!!

  • I shouldn't be around mothers of newborns...I am not a positive influence b/c I say things like, "awww...your baby is so cute...I never want to do that again" or "he's adorable...God, I don't miss that." What is wrong with me??? I'm such an asshole!!!
  • My kids are so good at going up and down the did they learn that skill? God knows, I've tried to keep them away from the stairs at all costs! Did I mention we don't have banisters in our house either??? Yeah...they use the Helen Keller.
  • It amazes me that Hailey doesn't wake up during Matt's night terrors...she sleeps right through every scream...amazing.
  • Husband is so much of a "safer" parent that I am and it kind of drives me nuts (BTW...I guess I use that terms a lot b/c the Crazies picked up on it). He washes the beans that I pick right out of our own garden (the horror, right?). He runs a lot quicker to a crying child (what a horrible Dad, right?). He's always telling me that I need to be more vigilant (okay, this one is just kind of annoying). He's just a safety freak...a rule follower...and a worrier. I guess that every set of parents needs who is a little more free and one who thinks of all of the bad things that could possibly happen. I just feel bad for him...I just want him to relax a little bit and go with the flow...stop the'll give you a heart attack, dude!!!
  • There was a video posted on Yahoo news tonight about an autistic kids who earned salutatorian for is class. He's autistic and his speech was amazing. Here it is if you're interested...just goes to show you what a kid can do if he/she has parents who just won't quit.
  • What blog did I read where the chicka started "washing" her hair just with water? If you're reading, show yourself...I tried it this morning and my hair feels amazing! I think you're on to something here! The only thing that I need to determine is how long it will go without looking greasy. I tend to have an issue with my hair looking a little greased up...I hate that. I'm going to try "water washing" for a week and report back next Friday.