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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Husband and Daddy

You are the best Daddy and Husband...have a great Father's Day (even though you have to mow the lawn)!!!! We love you!!!!!!!

Guess What We Learned How To Do!!! (Mommy isn't very happy)

This is the first thing I saw when I came downstairs...the diaper that started it all.

What? Nothing's different...I'll just stand here, with my diaper around my ankle, playing with my Lego doll...what?

Whatever he says, it wasn't my idea...nope...not me.

Okay,, I'm getting that you aren't really enjoying this new discovery of ours.

Fine...I'll just pull it biggie. Hailey, can you help me?

And that's where I stopped taking pictures and started being a Mom again. Can you believe I actually allowed Hailey to wear a dress to Kids Zone that day? We had a very long talk about her not touching her diaper while she was there.

Disclaimer: My kids actually have private parts. I just decided to blur them to keep all of the internet pervs away from my little ones. After I blurred all private areas, I realized how weird that looked (a.k.a. eunuch children) and I tried to get them back...that's right...I tried to reinvent their private parts. I couldn't I just have weird blurry areas...sigh. You get the picture, right?