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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Busy Father's Day Weekend

Wow! What a busy are some snapshots of our happenings! We (and by "we" I mean Mommy, Daddy, and G.G.) are exhausted!!!!

We ate ice's so fun to eat outside b/c there is so much to distract us from the healthy food that Mommy and Daddy make for us. That being said, nothing...and we mean NOTHING could distract us from chocolate ice cream. Mommy is starting to wonder how she'll ever get us under control again!!!

Daddy put sand in our's so fun in there. Hailey really likes to pour the sand all over Matt's legs (and in his shoes...what a PITA!) and Matt just enjoys touching the sand. BTW...I got this sandbox as part of a giveaway from Heather's blog (you should totally check her out)...we absolutely love it!

We woke Daddy up really early on Father's Day, but he doesn't look like he minded, right? Then we had races in the backyard. Apparently, Hailey thinks "get set" actually means "GO!" because she went early every single time. Matt was very patient though and let her have her head start...he's faster than she is anyway.

We had popsicles with G.G. She is so fun and let us eat it right off the stick! She didn't even yell at us to "be careful." Mommy was cool with it too...the only rule she had was that we had to take our shirts off...she's gotta draw the line somewhere right? Plus, who cares if we look a little white trashy in our own backyard?

We helped Daddy open his Father's Day cards...he had FIVE! There was even one from Brie/Dog!!! He really liked the one that played the Superman theme and stressed that we didn't ever want to see him in tights and a cape, but that we still thought of him as funny is that? Apparently to kids who aren't even two yet, it's pretty funny! Hailey spent a lot of her time trying to put the cards back into the envelopes...she loves to have things organized.

How was your weekend???