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Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekly Winners

Yes, so apparently I'm going to be late with everything this week. I guess my busy Father's Day weekend just didn't really include too much blogging! Oh well...better late than never, right?

We got a new fence...Matt was glued to the window looking at the "uck" while Hailey seized the opportunity to play with all of the toys that Matt never lets her play with. It was so awesome watching these little personalities handle this huge "event" at our house...they're like different species!

Bedtime routines have involved a lot of laughter.

Bedtime has also involved a lot of can see that I'm slightly nervous as Hailey kept slamming the hairbrush against my skull!

There has been A LOT of playing outside and climbing the stairs.

Husband ran a 10-mile race on Saturday morning and made it back to participate in our last swim class...needless to say, he took a nap that afternoon!!!

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Getting to Know You

Yes...late again! I just can't keep up during the brain switches off and is totally preoccupied with thoughts like this:

  • I wonder if I'll have to wait until the weekend to get our inflatable pool blown up.
  • What's for dinner?
  • There is so much food in our fridge, but I'm too stuffed to eat it!
  • What will we do today?
Anyway, here's the GTKY questions for this week:

1. While at the beach, pool, etc..Do you cover up your assets or show them off?
Hmmmm...I used to show them off, but I would always put a pair of shorts on when walking around. I always had a "my ass is huge" issue...wish I could go back in time.

2. Road trips or Plane trips?
If I'm by myself, plane trips...with children, road trips. I don't know...I'm one of those people that loathes the process of traveling altogether. I also long for a time when I can be "beamed" places...that's my perfect traveling mode.

3. I can't stand it when...?
  • People don't use their signal...especially cops.
  • The dog sheds...yes, I vacuum every single day.
  • Things are left undone...i.e. no toilet paper (or just a few squares), coffee maker has no water, paper towels are left empty. I think this comes from working in restaurants where you're told to leave things are you would like to find them.

4. Have you ever gone topless at the beach?
Yes...yes, I have.

5. How many blog carnivals do you do a week?
I don't even know what a blog carnival is, so I can't answer this question.

6. My favorite thing about the weekend is...?
Having Husband home to hang out with me. Getting things done on the house. Going out to eat.

7. Pancakes or waffles?
Pancakes...I have no clue how to make waffles and JUST learned how to make pancakes (yes, I'm 36 years old). I'm very proud of myself, so I must show off my new talent.

8. Water Park or Amusement Park?
Amusement park...water parks scare the shit out of me b/c when I was young, we went to one that had a wave pool. Those freaking waves were so strong that it was scary and I vowed never to go back in...and I never have. Why do I think that vow will go away now that I have the Crazies??? They're going to make me do things that I never thought I would do again, aren't they?

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