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Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Funyuns

Just a conglomeration of things that didn't quite earn their own post:

  • We had our first poop on the was tiny and Matt was proud of himself. We have no idea what got into him. He had a diaper on after his bath. He told Husband he had to poop. Husband asked him if he wanted to use the potty. Matt nodded, walked in the bathroom, sat on the little adapter seat, and did a minuscule amount of his business. This could be the start of something big!

  • Hailey was asked directly after that if she wanted to try to poop on the potty and she promptly turned us She didn't want to give us big heads, right?

  • Am I the only wife who wants to complain about my husband? He's awesome most of the time, but sometimes I just want to complain and I'm confused by the fact that no one else does this...what gives?

  • Took the kids to the pool at our gym for the first time...all by myself. They were great. They listened. They didn't do anything stupid. They spent most of the time getting in and out of the pool...what fun. They watched another girl have a horrible tantrum and couldn't take their eyes off her. Matthew only fell down (and went under) the one time I went to check my bag...I turned around and all I saw was his little red hat floating on the surface (panic!!!). He was fine though...on his hands and knees now knowing what to do.

  • Sometimes I wish I could control other people's kids. There is this mother of triplet girls that attends our gym. She was also attending the kiddy pool yesterday...fenced in room for escape. One of her girls wanted to wear her bathing suit a certain way and Mom didn't want her to. They got in a huge fight...back and forth...threatening to leave...threatening to spank...the girl was was Mom. It was just so annoying. If you're going to threaten to do something, follow through. Don't threaten violence...especially in public. Remove your child if necessary, but don't allow the situation to decline to the point where you're making a complete scene. In other words, handle your business. If your daughter wants to wear her bathing suit up her ass, let her...who is it hurting? You may not particularly enjoy it, but maybe she does...ease up!

  • Hailey screamed for half of our lunch after watching this girl act's hard to expose our kids to this crap and really really hope they don't pick it up...God, school is going to be impossible, isn't it???

  • Taking my car in for service has become a total PITA b/c it's our main car and houses the car seats...can't they just fix our car in my driveway???

  • Sleep issues are back...ever since they've been sick...ewwwwww...does sleep training ever end???????

  • Made an awesome blueberry crisp this week...didn't want all of our blueberries to go bad...made me feel quite to follow, but I'm too lazy to do it right now.