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Monday, June 28, 2010

Is It A Full Moon?

It was really quiet in the basement...

You know the kind of quiet...

Where it's too quiet...

Yeah, that's just know something is going wrong...something is getting vandalized...something is quietly being ripped to shreds.

I stopped what I was doing and crept down the quietly as my thunder thighs would carry me.

I leaned my head on the banister and began to watch the most ridiculous thing.

My kids were getting along...

Not only were they getting along, but they were trying to make each other laugh...

They shared a snack cup (b/c Big Boy ate all of his...of course)...

Shocking b/c sharing and snack cups usually involved a cage fight...

Then there was a puzzle and they sat in their Thomas The Train tent (together) and tried to put it back together again...while making each other giggle with the correct (shocker...they're actually listening to me while I make these stupid sounds???) animal noises.

I was flabbergasted.

Seriously? Are these my kids?

WAIT!!! How can Hailey make the horse noise while she's biting Matt's arm? What's that? She's not biting his arm? WTF????

Why hasn't anyone thrown a hissy fit that the tent tipped over like ten times?

How has a puzzle piece not been thrust in someone's eye?

Why did Hailey just blindly run into the table and laugh???

Why is Matt making sure she's okay???

Whose kids are these??


He saw me...he has that look in his eye.

He knows I'm happy.

She has no idea I'm here and is still happily chatting away with her brother.

He keeps looking at me...he knows how happy I am.

I love him for not ruining the moment with his sister to come over to his Mommy.

I love them both for loving each other.

I never thought it would happen.

Is it a Full Moon? Seriously!!!!