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Friday, July 2, 2010

First Solo Trip with The Crazies...Part II

When we finally got to OCNJ (4 hours later), we were welcomed by BFF's family. Everyone was wonderful and helpful and just altogether nice.

It was naptime, but God forbid my kids would actually sleep a second more than the 45 minutes they accrued in the car. Not only that, but there is no way their poop schedule would actually remain normal, right? TMI? Maybe, but it's my blog and seriously...if they had just pooped in the morning, before we left, there wouldn't have been any issues.

Anyway, we shoved food down their throats and shuttled off to the beach for a little twilight time.

It was awesome...have I ever mentioned that the beach is where I belong? It's my favorite place in the whole world. Which is why I shouldn't have been surprised when the Crazies ran right into the their clothes...and regular diapers.

I should have listened to BFF and changed them, but I seriously didn't think they'd go straight into the water. I didn't even have a towel!

Who cares? We got some great shots...half of these were taken by BFF b/c she said I'm never in my own she wanted to try out my camera, so I really appreciate it! I'd travel with my own personal photographer if I thought I were remotely interesting! Thanks, BFF...great shots!

Disclaimer: These pictures are so much nicer to look at if you click on them. You can thank Blogger for any eye damage suffered if you don't click...don't say you haven't been warned ;)

"Sharing" the chair...

Three little heads...they had so much fun together!

How can we sit on these if they move? A lesson in Rocking the Crazies.


No fear...

Mommy even got in on the action...the water was so cold that my ankles and feet were bright red for about an hour after getting out of the water. It was worth it though!