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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Weekly Winners...All About Matthew (gotta keep my promises, right?)

It's all about my Buddy this week...Hailey had her time in the limelight last week!

This is where he stays when I vacuum. He used to like it and follow me around. Now he just rescues all of his toys and jumps on the couch!

He loves America...he loves to smile...I am pretty sure he's staking his claim in the last picture.

He sees right through me...every time.

He has the BEST flyaway hair...the BEST!!!

He can change his mood on a dime.
Wow! This is a really cool mallet.
If you touch my mallet, I'll beat you over the head with it...seriously.

He's more tentative than Hailey when it comes to trying new things...swimming, rides, but not people...he loves people.

He's my buddy and I love him so much...

I am lucky to have such wonderful kids. This time I get to spend with them is so much fun to me and just keeps getting better.

I'll be back with the rest of our Ocean City, NJ trip tomorrow...just had to take some time out for Matt.

Inspired by Lotus at Sarcastic Mom.

Getting to Know You...Happy Fourth!!!

The questions..

1. What do you look forward to the most on the 4th of July? I love the parades, but there aren't any held around us. When I lived in Ocean Grove, NJ, a parade would line up right outside my house. I loved the bagpipes and the bands and the clowns. I can't wait to take the Crazies to a parade...I think they'll love it.

2. Are you a hugger? What constitutes a "hugger?" I love to hug the Crazies. I love to hug people hello and goodbye. Other than that, I can't say I hug much. I'm not a spontaneous hugger. I'm a purposeful hugger.

3. What is your favorite BBQ'd food? Ribs, steak, chicken, fish, veggies, fruits (mmm...peaches), did I mention Ribs?

4. Do you like to watch parades? Only in person...I think it's annoying to watch a parade on television...except for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. That one is completely acceptable to watch on Thanksgiving, in your jammies, eating chip and dip, while the turkey is in the oven.

5. Who has stinkier farts..boys or girls? Boys, but I'm going with our hostess, Keely, on this one...dogs trump all humans.

6. Vampires or Werewolves? I'm going werewolves just based on that cute Taylor boy in the Twilight series.

7. Do you read your horoscope? I used to, but not anymore...I stopped when I realized how hopelessly ridiculous they were. You remember...the time in your life when you thought the stars would decide your future...who was I kidding??? I decide my future...ha, take that, stars!

8. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Chocolate or strawberry. I love neopolitan, but only if there's no vanilla...that would be perfect. Oh, chocolate chip cookie dough too...and mint chocolate chip. I also love a good pistachio. God, until this question, I didn't even consider myself an ice cream lover...guess I just learned something new about myself!

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