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Thursday, July 8, 2010

First Solo Trip with the Crazies...the Finale

The Finale...finally! As much as I loved my vacation, editing, and reediting, and posting these pictures has taken a lot out of me!

The third day was much more low key than the Second Day...or even the First Day...thank God. I couldn't handle much more than breakfast at home, going to the playground, packing up the car, searching 500,000 times to make sure that I hadn't left a lovey or Abby/Elmo behind, and driving back home.

This playground is awesome. The ground is made up of rubber...that means that if kids fall, they are less likely to skin their knees (sending them into a fit of panic at first sight of blood) and it also means avoiding splinters from ill-thought-out mulching. It's awesome. They have two different for older kids and one for younger kids. Of course, Matthew tried to venture over to the older kid's set, but that mission was quickly aborted by totally nutso kids running at him at top speed...a little intimidating.

Here are some shots from the park:

Our arrival...what to do first!

The double slides were a huge hit. It was like they were made for us. Hailey was tentative...don't know why. Matt went for it and kept going. Colin was a good ringleader b/c he's older and more experienced and has been on these slides many times. What a good second cousin!

These are two of my favorite pictures from the day. Hailey just looks so innocent enjoying everyone else's happiness. Matt looks so grown up! This picture freaked me out b/c I can see him 5 years from now walking straight toward me with the same determined look on his face.

Finally a picture of BFF!!! She's my Best Family Friend and we enjoyed being with her family so welcoming and funny...I felt right at home! Plus, she pushed Hailey on the swings for 15 minutes, so she definitely earns points for that!

My kids are swingers...haha...bad joke! They loved the swings. They were on the swings for 35 minutes. I was afraid their legs wouldn't work anymore! Hailey kept saying "wheeeeeee" and Matt just looked around and shouted at trucks when they passed. They loved it!

Our trip back home was pretty uneventful. We didn't have to stop once for any potty breaks or false alarm poops. The kids fell asleep 4 blocks from the beach house and then woke up an hour later (damn rumble strips). They weren't about to go back to sleep. I did stop at D.D. b/c I was so freaking tired and the kids got to have their first (of many, I'm sure) free munchkins!!!! They loved them. They watched movies on the way home and just generally relaxed.

What a great time...thank God my pictures are over, right? I'm so burned out from editing pictures that I don't even think I've taken any this week...although I am concerned that if I take my camera out in this weather, it will melt.

Thanks for hanging in there!!! You knew it had to end at some point, right?