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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Daddy's Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!! did we end up at Build-a-Bear on Daddy's birthday?

Hailey watched her Kitty being stuffed, gave it a heart, and then gave it a hug...too cute!

Matthew did more of the same, but he got to step on a pedal for stuffing his baseball...that was cute too!

Even Daddy got in on the action giving the "bears" a bath...then we named the Kitty (Idoo) and the Baseball (Phil) and proceeded to wrestle the Crazies back into their stroller. It wasn't pretty!

We had lunch at the Nordstrom Cafe and emerged unscathed...Matt had a really rough day. When we got home, we played and took some pictures.

We also took a walk around the house and by that time, we were ALL ready for a drink!

Daddy didn't feel well enough after his run (that's what he gets for running on his birthday...who does that?) to go out to dinner, so he had cake for dinner (yummy...made me love him a little more). The Crazies had some cake as well and then they shat on balloons...ummm, excuse me, SAT on balloons. Who does that???

All in all, a great birthday (says Daddy). The Crazies couldn't quite remember the entire song of "Happy Birthday" (even though I nearly went insane trying to teach them...I HATE that song with a passion), but they were able to eek out "happy Dada" over and over again. It was really cute. We love him so much...we're glad he was born...we just wish he would start aging now!

Revel in the American-ness

So, it might be a little late for a Fourth of July post, but I couldn't let it go by without sharing a few snapshots.

We don't do a lot to celebrate the Fourth of July. We don't have any family BBQ's b/c family is spread out all over the East Coast. We don't attend any parades b/c there really aren't that many around here that would be easy to get to. We don't go to see fireworks b/c the kids just don't stay up that late...period.

We do try to make it special b/c it is important to celebrate our country. I often think about people who have come to our country. Regardless of whether or not they are are citizens of our country, they are usually still very proud of where they have come from. You see their nation's flag hung outside their house, hanging off their car's rearview mirror, and in some instances tattooed across their back. Whatever the display, they are proud.

I am sometimes saddened that American flags really make their appearance only around certain holidays. I wish that we had them out all the time and were really excited about showing our patriotism. Right after 9/11, people had them out in force...that has really died off and it just makes me think. It also made me sad when Husband came in on July 5th with all of our flags in his hand...I mean, I wasn't crying or anything...I'm not a complete baby, but seeing them displayed makes me happy and proud. Don't worry, you won't find me tattooing an American flag across my back or anything...I'm not that proud!

Okay, whatever, I love the USA...move on with it, right?

I encouraged the Crazies to take our flags out of the ground to get some good shots...well, some of them were good. Hey! At least they're looking in the same direction in the last shot...not in MY direction, but the same direction nonetheless!

Hats off, America!
I love that last shot for some reason...

We got crabs at a local crab place...yummy!!!! The kids didn't eat crabs...too spicy, but they were totally interested in these little creatures...that, the mallets, and flirting with the waitresses!

Then we went home and had a little ice cream...Matt made different faces and Hailey just focused on the task at hand. That girl loves her ice cream!!!