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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love??? NAH!!!!

More like CHALK, HANDS, MESS!!!

That's the theme of my life, I guess...forevermore!

We get back from the gym this morning and the kids went down in the basement to play. I'm feeling pretty good b/c we made it through an entire spin class without anyone crapping their pants - including me. Go me!

All of the sudden, I hear this scratching noise. I know it can't be chalk b/c I took all of that away yesterday after I caught the Crazies drawing all over the frog chair from PB...seriously???? Decorate your most expensive gift...nice, kids.

Indeed, I had missed one tiny little piece of chalk in my haste to save the Frog...

This is the one piece...the one piece that caused all of the damage.
Who would have thunk it?
Notice my lists...we're going to NY later on this week and I am very organized about packing...the most important things being my blanket (WTF?), hair stuff, and makeup, of course.

There it is...the hand of the culprit...notice that little bitty blue mark on her hand? Yes, well, this is when I realized that this didn't really look blue enough to have done all of the damage. Too bad...she was already in time out and didn't have the verbal skills to explain that Matt had actually caused most of the damage. I saw blue, I put blue child in time me...Matt landed there too after I caught a glimpse of his hand. I just wasn't able to wrestle him to the ground to get a picture.

There is it...the damage. Seriously????

Do you think I was more upset about the wall? Or the fact that they interrupted this?
Yes, that's leftover ice cream cake...yes, I'm eating it directly after going to spin class...yes, I denied the Crazies when they asked for some...after all, they are vandals, right?

Jeans in the Rain...

It's been a dry summer here in Maryland...very dry...until the other day.

Thanks for the flowers are now happy again.

I remember growing up on Long Island...I was an awkward teenager.



Unreasonably high hair (only in the front though...the back was flat as a pancake).

The whitest skin you could imagine.

I longed to be tan.

I still do.

My legs will never tan.

I used to lay out on my deck with my little booblettes in a bikini.

I thought I was so cool.

Until I fell asleep with my baby oil and my polka dotted sunglasses on my face.

The I realized that I was just an idiot.

With sunglass tan lines that no amount of Wet N' Wild makeup would fix.

We had a served its purpose.

We used to have major fights in the pool...outside of the pool...around the pool.

It would get so hot.

Then it would rain.

Big fat drops would slam down on to the pool water.

We'd be stuck inside the house.

Then I'd get the idea that I missed wearing jeans.

So, I put them on...with a t-shirt and flip flops.

What a great feeling...rain in the summer...jeans in the rain.

It's my favorite thing.

I often wonder what Hailey will be like at that age.

Will she be awkward?

Or will she handle herself with grace?

Will she have tan legs?
(The answer is "yes." I know this b/c she already has her father's skin.)

I'm so jealous.

Will she love the rain?

Will she miss wearing jeans?

Will she wear her jeans in the rain?