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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Weary Wednesday

Here I sit...cloudy morning, butter toffee coffee in hand, blogs galore in front of me to read, and I cannot concentrate!

Just thinking about this trip to NY is making me tired. It's the trip itself...not the visit...just the travel.

Scottie, can you beam me please???

I may have convinced Husband to look at alternatives for Dog. There is a tiny little silver lining that tells me that I may not have to drag Dog along on our 5-6 hour pilgrimage to NY.

Fingers crossed...

It's not that I don't like Dog, I do...sometimes. It's just that I hate bringing her on long trips b/c it makes everything more difficult. Stopping at a rest stop...almost impossible b/c we can't leave her in the car on a 95 degree day...I think it's illegal or something.

At the very least, it's mean.

Anyway, it's kind of dreary here today b/c we've been getting a lot of rain, but my flowers are happy and the Crazies are sleeping later. Yippee!!!

I just read this thing this morning in a magazine (that's vague for you, huh?) and it says that 37% of women wear their wedding rings all the time...even in the shower! I just can't do it. Maybe it's because I'm claustrophobic (yeah, it took me 5 tries to spell that word correctly).

I take it off at night. I can't sleep in it. I need to be jewelry-free.

I may also need to take it off b/c it's too small. My stupid pregnant hands never shrunk back to normal size (or is it shrank?) and my wedding ring is t.i.g.h.t.

Think I'll get a new one for my 5 year anniversary????

Did you notice that the ring I linked above is $11,000? I don't think I'll be getting that for my anniversary...not in a million years!

Guess what?

I ordered this bag last night!

I couldn't be more excited!!!

I'm such a dork. I've been looking at this bag for a month now...first saw it at Nordstrom's and now found a deal online. It's gold on one side and silver on the other side. I love it. Do you think I could use it in the Fall too?

What's going on in your house this morning?