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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Settling in...

Just a quick update to let you all know (because I know it's been on your minds) that we made it to NY in one piece.

We had some possibilities of not taking Dog on the trip, but in the end, we decided to bring her with us and it wasn't that bad.

We left on time (miraculous).

Husband did a great job packing the car (heroic).

G.G. (my mother) did a wonderful job helping with the kids and entertaining (angelic).

Me? What did I do? I can't's all such a blur. I probably just stood in one place looking around to make sure we didn't forget anything and dictating what I think everyone else should do (bitchy)!

The first part of our trip (MD, DE, NJ) was amazing...wonderfully traffic free. We stopped for lunch and had tiny little issues (not being able to find Dog's water bowl, Crazies not eating a bite except for "apple fries," and having to change Matt's dumpy diaper in the car...grossness). All in all, the trip was going well though.

Then we get to the Verrazano Bridge...I love this me, it signifies the entrance to my home state and you can see the city on a good day. It's just beautiful...and it can also get very ugly at this point in our trip.

This is when we have a make a big of the biggest of the day.

Belt Parkway (See those cars??? They're always there...not going anywhere!)


Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE)

In all fairness, whichever route you choose, you're going to be screwed. You know this ahead of time and try to prepare yourself, but it's never enough...n.e.v.e.r.

We took the BQE b/c I claim to HATE the Belt...seriously I do hate it, but I'll bet I'll be a little more open-minded when I remember that it took us 4 hours to get to my mother's house from the Verrazano. It should take us approximately 1.5...kill me now.

What a horrible call! The worst part about it is that we were warned about delays, but I am/was so against the Belt that I still opted for the BQE.

I told my mother I liked how it showed me different parts of the city...well, trust me...I know more parts of the city than I do of my own body!!!!

Anyway, we made it...a 5.5 hour trip took 8 hours b/c by the time we hit Long Island, it was rush hour...kill me again!!!

The kids were superheroes...we watched a few different DVDs and they were entertained by G.G. I could never have done this alone...not this year. They're still too needy and can't entertain themselves, but seriously...who could entertain themselves for 8 hours??? Ridiculous!

So, we're here...settling in...getting used to our new surroundings. G.G. has cribs here, so that's been good for the kids. They have enjoyed time in the pool, blowing bubbles, and running around the yard with Dog. They're not eating normally, but they'll get there. I really think they need some adjustment to new places...I'm glad I opted to lengthen my trip this year.

So far, discipline has been a little rough. Matt is definitely in a stage right now. He had a time-out in the bra department of Koh.l's today while Hailey spent the time feeling up all the c-cups. He also had to be carried to the car horizontally b/c he refused to step off the curb...guess he wanted to stay at Kohl's and whine some more.

He has officially graduated to 2 minutes of time-out.

More too...I'm just so exhausted by the end of the day that I can't quite bring myself to do everything! How do single mothers do it? I miss Husband a lot!