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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Popping Pills, Spitting Out Wine, and Falling Down Stairs

Doesn't it sound like I'm drunk and stumbling around my house?

Well, not this week...not me!

Maybe next week.

Here are the funny things that have occurred in the past 24 hours though:

  • G.G. takes vitamins while drinking her wine...that is so weird! Yes, she reads this, but why not just enjoy the wine? No, we must fortify it with vitamins and minerals. I almost died when I looked over and saw her guzzling her vitamins with Pinot Grigio...she's a nut!
  • G.G. and I caught up on a chick flick last night...Bridget Jones' Diary was on and we decided to watch it and drink's what we do! So, we're toward the know...the big fight scene. I love the part where they stop fighting to sing the person Happy Birthday. Anyway, G.G. went to take a sip of her wine and clinked the glass on her teeth. I don't know why, but I found this hysterically funny, but knew she would choke if I laughed...but I couldn't keep it in. I chuckled a little bit. Then she chuckled a little bit. Then I fucking lost it. It was one of those laughs where you're trying to stop b/c you know you're making the person choke (literally), but it just keeps getting funnier. I nearly pissed myself when she stumbled to the sink and coughed up her wine. I love those laughs...we cried for a little while and went back to Miss Jones in her panties trying to catching Mr. Darcy in the snow.
  • So, the kids have been navigating the stairs by themselves for the past few weeks. Several times, I have said aloud, "I know they're going to fall's inevitable." Truer words have never been spoken. I was in the basement changing Matt's diaper when all of the sudden, Hailey, or a blur resembling Hailey, came tumbling down the stairs...the entire flight. I swallowed my heart and crawled over to her and she was okay. I checked her eyes, her head, and her extremities (all the while trying to figure out whether or not our insurance would work out of state) and she was fine. Then she got really close to my face and, through tears, yelled "POOP!!!" She scared herself so bad that she shat herself...poor baby. She was fine...I couldn't believe it. It was like a cartoon where the character is just a blur of limbs and hair...nuts.
Tomorrow I'm going to spend the day with my Dad...grilling, sprinklers, and's what summer is all about! Then I'm going to meet up with a friend who moved back to LI and see her kids. What a fun day! I can't wait!

PS - Still missing Husband...a lot.