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Thursday, July 22, 2010

T-shirt, Bubbles, and Cute Lips

Sounds like a bad teen video, right? Circa...Jessica Simpson/Mandy Moore/ teenyboppers...but it's so much more fun...and classy.

I'm leaving this post up to Hailey to caption...she loves bubbles...

Can you believe that we couldn't reach those bubbles? They're so pretty and we just couldn't reach matter how much we tried!

G.G. really helped us get some big bubbles...she's so cool like that. She doesn't matter how sudsy she gets and just keeps giving us bubbles! It's the best!

Sometimes Matt didn't like getting his hands all soapy, but it was so worth it! He still thinks that blowing bubbles is harder than it looks.

Matt was a little too rough to actually extract any bubbles...poor kid.

I love this shot because it really shows how hard I was trying...seriously...look at the bubbles shooting out the side of my wand. Aren't wands supposed to be magic? Why couldn't I get any bubbles???

Okay, since I can't actually blow any bubbles, maybe I'll just lick them instead. They're not that should try it.

We really do "love" NY!

Matt got pretty serious about his bubbles after a while...he was sick of getting nothing for all his work!

This is how rough it got for me...bubbles on my face...can you believe it? They would pop right on my head and there was nothing I could do about it!

The wonderment of brother! guys should try it!