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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm Matt

Mommy said I could be in charge of this blog post, so I chose this title. It's pretty appropriate in my mind!

Mommy is busy b/c Hailey is sick and she needs lots of TLC (whatever that is). She left me in charge of the computer, so away we go!

We took lots of fun pictures on our vacation to NY. Here are just a few...remember, the captions are coming from my mind and Mommy usually calls me Crazy or Nutjob, so just keep that in mind.

This is my sister, Hailey. People think she's pretty cute, but I think she just likes to steal my thunder. I'll keep her around though...she's fun to play with sometimes!

Every now and then, we get together so that Mommy can take a picture. If you look at this picture quickly, it looks like we're pals, right? Look can clearly see that I'm trying to push Hailey off that's my step...I own it. So there!

G.G. let us help "shuck" the corn...what a funny word. It was so weird and tasted good though!

I believe Hailey was trying to tell me that if I didn't shuck all the corn she wouldn't let me back inside, but it was hard to tell since she seriously closed the door on my face! Can you believe her? Look at her with her arms in the air and her crazy sunglasses on...seriously...I'll keep her around just to give me a few laughs!

G.G. let us put our feet up when we were finished eating. Okay, okay! She didn't let us...I just kind of did it and ignored everyone when they told me to stop. What's wrong with putting my feet up anyway? Geeeeeezzzz people! Maybe it aids in digestion...did you ever think of that? Huh? Did you???

Hailey kept giving me the mushface...I love this's almost as awesome as the mean looks I keep giving strangers in the supermarket!

So, that's a day in the life of our vacation. Mommy thinks it's funny that I can go from the sweet kid in the picture on the left to the Crazy kid on the right in 1.5 seconds. I'm not really sure what a second is, but I think that's fast and that means that I win, right? More to come later...maybe Hailey will even do a post from her sickbed...poor sister.