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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

True and Truer Happiness Thursday

This post brought to you by the letter F and the letter U.'s been a week.

Disclaimer: I love the Crazies, Dog, and especially Husband a lot. I also love my pediatrician. It's just been a trying week and I have to let it out through pure sarcasm. If you want rainbows and unicorns, I suggest another blog for today.

Here is what true and truer happiness means to me this week:

True happiness is when I put the Crazies down for sleep after fighting with Matthew about whatever he was mumbling (he was reminding me of what color the freaking star nightlight goes I've never done bedtime before)...and realizing that I still have to load the dishwasher, put dinner away, do the laundry, and clean up the Toy Wonderland that my living room has morphed into today.

Truer happiness was realizing that Husband already left for the gym.

True happiness is realizing that the Chinese food that you wanted so badly has wrecked your stomach/ass for the night.

True happiness is taking your sick daughter to the pediatrician with a fever and nothing else only to be told that they basically have no idea, but it could be this highly contagious disease...thanks Doc...I'll be on the lookout. Good thing I don't have any other kids to worry about...oh wait...I do...

True happiness is coming out of said pediatrician's office just wanting to go home only to see a huge white streak down the side of your car b/c some gigantic/hugely muscular guy in his gigantic truck misread the parking spot he was trying to get into.

Even truer happiness is saying to said gigantic/hugely muscular guy, "Whaddya doin to me? You've got to be kidding me right now!" Oh and then after he apologized and told me that he was sick with a fever, I said, "Well, I think it's time you went home." Excuse me...who do I think I am? Husband was probably dying. The guy was probably happy he dealt with Husband and not me...seriously.

True happiness is driving home and having both kids fall fast asleep 5 minutes before you get home.

Truer happiness is having them sleep through stopping at the MAC machine and Taco Bell so that Mommy can get her fix.

True happiness is taking the first bite of your nachos, sticking your head out to check on the Crazies, and seeing Matthew take a huge shovel full of sand to dump over Sick Hailey's head.

True happiness is dragging his ass inside b/c now I have to give Sick Sandy Hailey a bath, having him kick and scream all the way in, and realizing that he's pooped.

Truer happiness is having Sick Sandy Hailey watch while I'm wrestling him down to the floor, ripping his pants off, and opening his diaper to realize that I'm mistaken about the poop. Does anyone else ever smell phantom poop?

True happiness is not being able to get sand out of Sick Sandy Hailey's hair.

Truer happiness is putting both babies down for naps directly after the Sand Bath, stumbling downstairs like you've just been through a war zone, only to realize that you forgot to give the Crazies lunch.

True happiness is planting your first vegetable garden and then joining a CSA. Nothing better than getting all motivated and halfway to free vegetables before realizing that it's so much better having someone else do it for you!

True happiness is knowing that if I can make it through this week, I will be rewarded with a wonderful anniversary celebration...I need that so much. Don't you think so too?

So, what has True and Truer Happiness meant for you this week? Come on...let all that sarcastic shit you've been keeping inside all week know you want to!

Selfish Post that will take me less than a minute to write b/c that's all the time I have...

Having a sick kid sucks.

You feel bad for them.

There is a limited amount of things you can do to make them feel better.

Having a sick kid sucks even more when you have plans for your anniversary...the hotel in which you got married, dinner reservations, in-laws to babysit for the entire night, a new dress, and the anticipation of a night away.

That's when it really sucks.

She still has a low fever, but today she has a little rash on her face. If it's Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, she's extremely contagious and there is a high chance of Matt getting it too.

That means we'll have to cancel our plans.

That makes me now I'm sad for Hailey, nervous for Matt, and bummed for myself and Husband.

Hate to be selfish, but it just sucks.

Hope it gets better soon!