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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Enough of that...I will now quit my bitching...for a little while

Okay, I need to get my chin up and stop bitching. Yes, I've had a hard week, but many others have had it a lot tougher. So, enough bitching...let's do a little bragging.

The Crazies will be 2 next about 20 days. There are some things I am very proud of.

  • They know their colors and use them appropriately. Red, blue, yellow (yelno), green, gray, brown, pink, black, and white. How many kids know the color "gray" before the age of two? Purple still stumps them though...
  • Matt can name most trucks correctly. Dump truck, mixer (cement mixer), water truck, dozer, and digger. Oh, and we can't forget "big truck."
  • They are starting to be able to tell me what they want for snack...granted, it's almost always "gofish," but it's a start!
  • When they finish eating grapes (yes, I know they're a choking hazard and I watch them very carefully), they will bring their bowl to me and say, "stem." Sometimes Matt likes to hold on to the stem like it's a trophy, but more than likely he'll throw it away.
  • Both kids are still putting their dirty clothes in the hamper when asked. Hailey will often do a little clean up of her own and Matt will freak out b/c he wasn't able to put his clothes in the laundry.
  • Hailey has started to pretend a lot more. She tried to get Mickey Mouse to play piano at G.G.'s house and loves to have adventures with her babies. She is also fiercely protective of them...just ask Matt.
  • They're still doing great going down the stairs independently. Hailey is a little gun-shy since we've been back as she did fall down the stairs at G.G.'s house and was they given help or carried after that.
  • When Matt does something that requires an apology (pushing, shoving, running into Hailey with his skull), and he doesn't feel that he needs to apologize, he will walk away saying "no sorry." It's not exactly what I'm looking for, but at least he's starting to differentiate between being sorry and not being sorry, right?
  • Since Hailey has been sick this week, she hasn't been able to do that much. She has insisted on sitting on the couch, watching Sesame Street with Idoo, and reading books though. She still loves her books.
  • They are able to name more family members than I realized. When we go through pictures (great activity for little ones, BTW), they know a lot of our family members. I love it!
  • Both kids are able to tell me when they need their diaper changed. Hailey always tells me when she's pooped. Matt has a more difficult time b/c he knows that pooping means coming inside and having his diaper changed...which means he'd have to stop playing. This may seem like a weird thing to be proud of, but do you realize how much easier this makes my life?
  • Whenever I ask them how old they're going to be, they both respond with a resounding "SIX!", really, how old are you going to be? Then one will stick with the "six" and one will give me the real answer of "two."
Speaking of the kids turning two, is it weird that it's taken almost two years for me to feel like a remnant of my former self? It's taken almost two years for me to lose most of the weight (I still have 10 pounds, but unless these kids stop getting sick, it'll be there forever), start taking care of myself, start getting more sleep, start traveling/seeing people again, and really start to feel like my old self. Two years is a long time, but it's nice to be coming out of the fog that newborns create!