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Friday, July 30, 2010

5 Years...

Today is my 5 year anniversary.

I would show pictures (because I was much prettier on my wedding day), but the disk got stuck in my computer and I couldn't open it at all.

Oh well...just imagine me, but prettier...and skinnier...and much more naive!

Husband and I met in a bar...okay, it was two in Philly and one at the Jersey Shore (GTL!).

He was much more straight-laced than I was, but that was good...I needed someone to ground me. I needed someone to save me from myself because if I kept going the way I was, there's no telling what would have happened.

Here are the things he does for me/us on a daily basis to show me/us that he loves me/us (what a fucking ridiculous sounding sentence...seriously if you say it out loud, you sound like you need mental help):

  • Thoughtfully chooses which bathroom to crap in based on whether or not I'm drying/straightening my hair that morning. He also keeps this schedule straight in his mind. Can you believe this is #1?'s that important.
  • Makes sure my wine glass is clean.
  • Fills up the coffee maker with water.
  • Encourages (browbeats) me to put my clothes away (for those of you who know me, this is no easy feat).
  • Allows me to buy great makeup b/c he knows it makes me feel pretty.
  • Independently takes care of the outside of the house b/c he knows it's just not my bag.
  • Continues to water my plants after I have simply given up b/c it's "too hard."
  • Gives me time to go to the gym on the weekends b/c it's the only time I am guaranteed childcare (especially when they're sick and I can't go during the week).
  • Insists on grabbing my ass even when I think I'm fat and ugly. As much as I tell him I hate it and that I'm going to rip his arms off, it still makes me feel like he likes me.
  • Really wants me to spend time with friends every now and then.
  • Realizes how important my family is to me.
  • Totally understands if I just need to get out of the house alone for a few minutes after a particularly rough day.
  • Handles most bath activities with the Crazies as I hate bath time.
  • Has really changed his mindset in terms of doing fun things. He is pretty regimented at times, but has been a lot better at dropping things and rearranging his schedule so we can do fun things with the Crazies.
  • Comes up with great ideas for family outings.
  • Handles our budget.
  • Turns into "Fun Husband" after a few beers...Fun Husband is awesome!
  • Gives me a kiss good night every single night no matter how much he doesn't want to roll over b/c he's so dead tired.
  • Works hard every single day even though he hasn't had a vacation since last September.
  • Kisses me good bye every single morning b/c he knows how important that kiss is even if we're fighting (which hasn't been happening for a while...knock wood)!
  • Loves me totally and lets me know it whenever he can. Some people say that "I love you" should only be used in special occasions, but I don't agree...I can't hear it enough.
So, Husband...if you're reading this, please know that I couldn't love you more. You're a wonderful husband and father. I am so glad that you came up to me at Tradewinds and drunkenly yelled "Hey! I know you!" Best pick up line ever!!!