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Monday, August 2, 2010

Our Little Hamster

Matt is obsessed with Husband's water bottles. Every time he sees one, he's clamoring (i.e. knocking people down and begging) to use it...this particular time, he reminded me of a hamster in a cage with a water bottle suspended from the "lid."

Seriously...who thinks an ill-fitted piece of mesh is going to hold that little ratty thing in it's glass coffin?

Since we'll never (if one person says "never say never," I'll kill them with my bare hands...we will NEVER have a rodent in our house) have a hamster, we took these pictures of the closest thing that we will have...our son!

Okay,'s how you do it. Learn from your father!

Like this? Am I doing it? Yaaaayyyyyy!!! I'm a big boy!!!

Uh oh!!! We are having a slight overflow problem here! Check out the river flowing down my cheek and on to my neck! What do we do with this???

What about this? Can we do this? Mmmm...feels good on my tummy! Do you do this, Daddy? Do you??? I'll bet you do!

Okay, you try it again...drink it like a big boy, Daddy! I know you can do it!

This was a good lesson, Daddy. I'd hate to look like a dork while I'm lifting weights at the gym. Who uses a sippy cups while doing squats? I'm going to be so cool now.