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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Quick and Dirty...

  • There is a new article out today on how slimy people are stealing kids' SSN and using them to gain credit. Thereby ruining said child's credit for the future. Lovely, huh?
  • We went yesterday to get the Crazies' school bags embroidered with their names. So cute! We also got a letter with information regarding the start of school. I'm very if I could only remember what I did with that letter!

  • Don't even get me started on The annoying.

  • Chris, if you want, you could be my second husband!

  • Matt woke up 4 times last night. The final time was at 5:30 AM (that's alarm sounds at 6:00 AM) and he was yelling "I'm done! I'm done!" What the hell, kid? Go back to sleep! I think he's going to be our nightmare kid...literally.

  • After seeing the way I was moving/chugging coffee this morning, Husband said, "maybe you should do yoga instead of spin today." Guess he thought that would be a safer bet.

  • With school starting soon, I have started thinking of going back to work. I actually perused the employment section of my old county to see if there were any part time positions open. Weird, huh? I haven't done that before!

  • Tutoring is starting up again...we're cutting back to two nights a week this year. I believe it will be a lot less stressful that way. I'm looking forward to getting some cash back in my pocket.

  • Am I a total dope for wanting to go Back-to-school shopping for my kids who aren't even 2 yet? Oh, did I mention that they're only attending school for 2 hours a day and it's only 2 days a week? Yeah...guess they need a whole wardrobe for that, right?

  • I prayed so hard for a bazooka this morning. A local dog (have no idea which one, but I intend to find out) was barking for like 5 minutes this morning...that's right...5 WHOLE MINUTES. I don't know why it annoyed me so much, but it did. I hate barking dogs. There should be laws against them. There should be stricter laws against people who put barking dogs in their backyard just to get them out of the house! your home is more peaceful, but I have to listen to your annoying little furball!

  •'s stupid to get that worked up over a dog...I get it.

  • Does anyone else get screwed at the deli every time they go grocery shopping? Not literally, of course, because that would be super gross, but I find myself waiting every single time! I pre-order my stuff, do all my shopping, then arrive at the deli to find that their printer isn't getting any tickets. REALLY??? You couldn't have figured that out yourselves??? Then I have to wrestle my receipt away from the Crazies, piece it back together, and still repeat my order 500 times. I hate the deli...hate it!
Hope everyone else has a lovely Tuesday.