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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekly Winners

Other things have been going on around our house other than my gimpiness...imagine that!

Elmo got a little dirty with Phil...Dirty Elmo!

Hailey continued loving the alphabet with this silly little toolbox.

She also spent some time in the pool...being afraid of the mower in the next yard.

Matt bonded with his pasta spoon.

I wasn't the only one who got a helping hand from Daddy...he wore many hats this week.

No editing on this one...she's just this pretty.

Matt spent some time "signaling" to me that it was time to stop taking pictures.

A very good friend sent me some beautiful flowers and mumbled some garbage about when life hands you all remember Sage Amy, right?

This isn't from this week...this is from our anniversary and it reminds me of when I was really happy...and when I could heels...somewhat gracefully. It also helps me from thinking about this next picture (brace yourselves).

No, this isn't my actual's from some website, but this is exactly what my knee looked like (yes, that protrusion is a knee cap) wonder I'm having flashbacks at night...gross!!!

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