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Monday, August 9, 2010

Nice To Meet You, Doc...Thanks for Wasting My Time

Husband keeps telling me that my whole process with the doctor is going a lot quicker than he thought it would. I wish those beliefs would carry over to my brain b/c I feel like my time is constantly being wasted.

Why would a doctor not order an MRI prior to a dislocated patella appointment knowing that you can't see shit from the outside of the knee???

Do you think this was his first dislocated patella? I don't...

I even considered calling ahead of time and requesting a prescription for an MRI so I wouldn't waste a trip to the doctor who could tell me nothing...that's exactly what he did...told me nothing.

Okay, that may not be completely right...he did mention some Hippy Dippy Trippy crap about physical therapy...blah, blah, blah...just cut me open and fix me so this never happens again.

Other than that, he touched my knee for about 45 seconds, made me bend it (scary times), and asked me a few questions. We could have done all of that AND MADE A DECISION ABOUT TREATMENT had he ordered the MRI ahead of time.

Oh, whatever...I've gotta get over it b/c this is how the game works, right? The game sucks...

Anyway, my MRI is tomorrow morning and Babysitter is coming over for the Crazies while G.G. (the reinforcements have arrived!!!) drives me to the doctor again!

He also wants me to stop using the immobilizer...WHAT????!!!!???? He must be loco to think that I'm ready for that.

My follow-up is on Friday, so we'll know more know...the stuff we could have known today had I gotten the MRI ahead of time? Yeah...that stuff. Can you tell I'm bitter?

Today the Crazies stayed with my friend, J (angel), and were good for her...thank God. I threatened them with all of their privileges for their adolescent lives. Here's how it went:

"If you are bad, you will never be allowed to get your period, have a crush, celebrate an A on a test, go to a school dance, go to high school, attend a football game, write notes to your friends during class, attend prom, go anywhere for Senior Week, or graduate"

I think that just about covers it.

G.G. is in the house!!! Thank God reinforcements have arrived. If Husband didn't get back to work soon, we'd be homeless!!!

That's all for now. The Crazies are crazier than ever...Matt runs around the house on his tiptoes shouting "No Brie" or " More Snack" or "Crazy Hailey!!!" Hailey now has this habit of using her hands to turn your head toward her face when she feels that you're not paying enough attention to what she's saying. They're hysterical...talking is great (why was I even worried?) and they are getting much more physical...which is just great for my knee. I swear...if one of them comes within a two foot radius, I am totally poised to knock them down. I'm petrified.