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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hanging A Little Bit To The Outside...lovely!

Skyping with my sister this morning...she asks me what I'm wearing to my MRI today. Weird question, huh?

I had shorts, tank top, and my lucky Yankees hat worries, right?

Then she drops the bomb (which I'm glad she did) metal in the MRI room. Did you know that includes underwire bras and zippers? I didn't. I didn't know anything. I had no idea that the "M" in MRI meant magnetic and that metal would break the machine. No idea...

Maybe at my age (remember that Husband says I'm on the "wrong side of 30" now), people would have expected me to go through more medical tests, but I've been pretty healthy until now. What can I say? I've gotten lucky.

So, I limp upstairs and put on work out clothes...tying it all together with a sports I get to limp around with flat boobs. Hotness!

Babysitter gets here and Hailey has a mental breakdown. We leave anyway...she'll be fine.

Upon arrival to the medical complex, I realize that I have a tiny little metal zipper in the back of my shorts...I'll keep that on the DL. I'd really love to keep my shorts on today.

We get there and I'm whisked right in. Don't you just LOVE when you don't have to wait at the doctor's office??? Me too!

I fill out this silly little questionnaire about where my pain is and proceed inside the huge metal cage! The tech was awesome. She was very gentle with me and Knee. She put all sorts of supports under any part of my body that could hang or be uncomfortable for the next 45 minutes. Then she told me that this would be the best nap that I've had in a while. I was highly skeptical of the fact that I'd fall asleep.

The scans started and it was very relaxing. I have no idea what I was thinking about, but I guess it was pretty calming as I fell right to sleep. Upon waking up 3 hours later (okay, maybe not that long, but it felt like that), both of my hands were asleep. Seriously asleep...the kind of asleep where you have to throw your arms on the bed just to get the blood flowing again. The kind of asleep where you wonder if you even have hands anymore. was pretty bad.

I would have slammed my hands around hoping for their continued existence, but you're not supposed to move in an MRI. They're pretty serious about that apparently, so I stayed really still. I tried to move my fingers around, but since my 38.5 week pregnancy with the Crazies, I have lost a good deal of feeling in my stomach. So, when you're raking your hands that have fallen asleep over your stomach that has no feeling, you seriously start to question your sanity!

Anyway, the test ended. She told me that a lot of people's hands fall asleep. She then proceeded to tell me that she was concerned b/c my patella is still quite a bit outside of where it should be. AWESOME! Talk about hitting the fucking lottery...not only will your patella dislocate, but your doctor will then tell you to go without the immobilizer as much as possible. You will follow doctor's orders and then someone who can literally see inside your body tells you that you're screwed and that she's worried about you not being in the immobilizer!

Arghhhhhh...I just want to be normal again, but my follow up isn't until Friday. We'll know more then.

I feel like I'm talking about this too much, but what can I say? It has seriously taken over my life. I can't do anything the way I normally would and my control freak self is really starting to get stressed out. I've got to let it go and realize that I need help...lots of help. G.G. is here until the end of the week and I don't know where I'd be without her at this point.

I also have no idea what's going on with the Crazies' 2nd birthday parties. I don't even know if those will become a reality. Guess we'll know on Friday, huh?

Thanks for your kind thoughts. I'm not usually this whiny, but this is driving me nuts!