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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Two Years Ago Today...

  • I did awake to a rumbly tummy...not because I was hungry or nervous, but there were two little babies in there who just loved to roll around.
  • I did not eat anything because I was scheduled for surgery (even though I really wanted an egg sandwich, bacon, strawberries with whipped cream, and OJ as Husband had brought me every day before I was diagnosed with GD...gestational diabetes be damned).
  • I did lay in bed cherishing my last few hours of "alone time" knowing that they were the last that I would get for a while.
  • I did not get nervous. After having these babies in me for 38.5 weeks, I was ready. They would have stayed in there until Kindergarten (I never felt a contraction...not even one...I still have no idea what they feel like and I have no problem with that)!
  • I did need help getting into the car.
  • I did not mind getting dropped off while Husband parked.
  • I did use a wheelchair to get to the Maternity ward.
  • I did not need help getting into my hospital gown.
  • I did love the little funnel thing they gave me to pee in (ummm...seriously...why don't all doctor's offices use these?).
  • I did not giggle my ass off at seeing Husband in his surgical gear.
  • I did ask the anesthesiologist if she slipped me a mickey b/c I was really feeling strange and very relaxed.
  • I did not care at all about the epidural.
  • I did feel like I was having an out of body experience when they began the c-section.
  • I did not worry at all...I was in good hands as were the babies.
  • I did hear Hailey's first cries.
  • I did not hear Matthew's first cries.
  • I did wish with all my might that the doctors would remove their hands from inside my body...what a strange experience.
  • I did not act surprised when they told me the Crazies' weights (although I was surprised). Hailey was 6 pounds 2 ounces and Matt was 7 pounds 6 ounces. I incubated some pretty big babies! No wonder I could barely walk!!!
  • I did act surprised when Husband started crying at the news that Matt had to go to the NICU. I wasn't ready for his reaction at all.
  • I did not mind reassuring Husband when they took Matt to the NICU. I had prepared myself for the possibility of it happening.
  • I did take one look at Hailey and wondered, "Am I really ready for all this?"
  • I did not remember being taken to recovery.
  • I did feel badly for Husband as he ran from NICU (Matt) to the nursery (Hailey) to Recovery (Me). He certainly had his Super-Husband/Daddy cape on that day.
  • I did not mind that Husband was the first to feed Matt and that I wasn't even around to witness it.
  • I did feel overwhelmed when they wheeled both babies in together and I was expected to nurse (that's another post entirely).
  • I did not have a freaking clue where to start.
  • I did realize that this was the rest of my life and I'd better get started right away.
  • I did not secretly congratulate myself for keeping my lipstick on through the entire surgery (okay, I did...GO ME!!!).
The last two years have been an absolute blur. I have loved moments of it and I have absolutely hated moments of it, but that's life, right? We worked so hard for the Crazies and as much as I joke around, they are the most awesome kids in the world (that's right...I just claimed "Most Awesome Kids" for my own). I love them more than I can even describe and look forward to seeing what happens in this next year!

If you're friends with me on FB, you've already seen these pictures, but whatever...if you didn't love them, you wouldn't be reading, right? Either way, sorry for the repetition!