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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rorschach vs. Play-Doh

You've all heard of the Rorschach Personality test, right? You know...the one with the ink blots?

Thanks Wikipedia! You rock!!!

Well, I'm pretty sure that I have something even better...Play-Doh.

Yeah, I totally wimped out and didn't take the kids on their annual parade around the supermarket with their uber-cool balloons for their birthday. It was pouring rain all day and I'm a gimp...enough said! Poor Husband had to not only pick up the fruits and veggies from the CSA, but he then went to the supermarket to pick up balloons and cupcakes...he's a trooper these days!

Okay...back to the subject here...

I did face one of my biggest fears for the second time in as many years. I let the Crazies play with Play-Doh.

Cue ominous music.

You normal people out there may not think this is a big deal, but it happens to send me into cold sweats. There is a loss of control so great that I cannot fathom how one stays sober during this activity (much less how any kindergarten teacher stays sober for an entire day). I did though...I stayed sober and actually got into the game a little.

Watching the Crazies play with their Play-Doh (God, yes, I gave them each two different colors too...ugh) was so interesting to me. Here are the results of my study:


  • Attacks Play-Doh with reckless abandon.
  • Does not keep her colors separate at a matter of fact, any kind of separation actually upsets her.
  • Chops it up into little pieces (can we say serial killer?).
  • When she tires of using the knife (easy, folks, it was a child knife), she rips it apart with her bare hands into teeny tiny little pieces (OMG...Hannibal Lecter).
  • She is extremely meticulous through this entire process. It's an organized chaos and she couldn't be happier.
  • She cleans her knife (see picture above)...getting weird, right?
  • Clearly has an obsession with ripping things into tiny little pieces and then blending them all together (her Play-Doh was tie-dyed at the end of our little session).


  • Keeps his colors totally separated.
  • Cries and freaks out if the pink touches the blue.
  • Will only works in "snakes," "balls," or "flats."
  • Gets very upset if a "snake" mistakenly gets cut apart...Mommy tested this one personally.
  • His knife is his primary tool.
  • Likes to taste his work (OMG...Hannibal Lecter).
  • Does not like it when the pieces get too small...shouts "BIGGER" at me.
  • Clearly obsessed with order and placed the colors back into the corresponding eggs when we were finished with our session. Also may have an obsession with size, but what guy doesn't, right?
It was so interesting to see their little personalities come out in ways that I never thought. I seriously thought Hailey would want her colors separate and Matt would mush them all together. They got an ungodly amount of Play-Doh for their birthday (yes, it was from Mommy and Daddy...I'm apparently trying to drive myself crazy), so we'll be doing this more and more. That way we can use it all up and never play with it again (see? There is a method to my madness)!!!

Guess that means more wine in the house could be worse.

PS - Surgery is schedule for 8/31!!!!!! The surgical coordinator was surprised when I was so happy to hear from her. Guess she doesn't get that much!

PPS - I'll get to their actual birthday celebration soon.