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Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthday Hangover, Purging, and What to do the Day Before You Have Surgery

The 2nd birthday is over...we're all exhausted!

It's so much fun, but it sucks the life out of you.

The Crazies had a great birthday week. They had lots of visitors, lots of great gifts coming to the house by "the guy" (which in Crazy-talk means the UPS man), and lots of fun watching Mommy wrestle the toys open b/c some nutjob at Amazo.n went crazy with the scotch tape (seriously...Ama.zon...whoever is in charge of taping every single little opening is doing a great job, but you may want to have them evaluated for's ridic).

They were totally hungover yesterday wasn't pretty. They were wandering around the house crying, not knowing what they wanted, whining, not knowing if they were hungry/thirsty/tired/dirty/nothing, and just really inconsolable. It was ugly. By the time they fell asleep, Husband and I were DONE!

While they napped, Husband found some energy to go through their old toys downstairs and decide what can be donated. I love purging...just wish I could have been more involved, but I was much too busy on the couch...watching HGTV. The best part about it is that the Crazies will never know.

So, on the day before my knee surgery, there is a very good chance that I'll have a television crew in my house. The fertility clinic that we used is taking part in a 5 part series on infertility and wanted to see if people would share their stories. Since I already do that, I figured that I would send an email. I seriously thought it was for a newspaper article or something like that, but it turns out that it's for our local ABC affiliate. Crazy, right?

They're going to come in to the house. They'll film some footage of the Crazies...God, that should be interesting as they'll basically just stare and drool like they do every time a stranger is in our house. There is also a good chance that Hailey will scream hysterically the entire time and that Matt will try to disconnect the camera from every cable possible. If they can get a word in edgewise, we'll chat a little bit about my experience and they'll leave.

Here's the way I figure will keep my mind off of getting nervous about the surgery, there aren't many times you can actually be on television, and my roots will be done...perfect timing. My only request is that they shoot my from the waist up... no one needs to know I'm a gimp. Note to self: purchase low cut shirt...the tatas are still my friends rather than being lifeless flaps of skin hanging off my chest...maybe there were some advantages to almost starving the Crazies to death when they were tiny little babies!

PS - Cleared for surgery next Tuesday...can't wait to have this behind me!
PPS - I lost 3 pounds since I stopped working out...maybe there is something to be said for that!