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Tuesday, August 24, 2010



I'm famous...well, almost famous.

Alright...not really famous at all.

However, I was featured on a multiples blog today!

Then I realized that people are going to think I'm nuts after reading the post that was already written for today, so I might as well write this one as a disclaimer of sorts to mention that I'm not really children, the Crazies, are nuts.

I'm just along for the ride!

Check out my interview...was I too dorky? Too casual? Too awesome?

You decide!

Then go read today's original post to figure out why I'm dead tired today...damn Devil Dogs.

Devil Dogs...not just a delicious snack treat

A wonderful friend gave us the Crazies these gifts for their birthdays. I wrote a very thankful email yesterday as the Crazies seriously loved them right away. They slept with them the night before last and played with them when they woke up yesterday morning. Apparently, the little puppies only cause that angelic behavior for the first 24 hours b/c the Devil himself came out last night.

As soon as we decided it was time for bed, both of my little nutjobs started screaming "PUPPY! PUPPY! PUPPY!!!" I was kind of leery about letting them sleep with the puppies again, but Husband went down and got them anyway.

Once the lights were off, they played with them for a little while and then it got quiet.

Five minutes later, Matt was screaming, "PUPPY! PUPPY! PUPPY!!!" So, I gimped my way up the stairs and went in their room to find out what was going on. I couldn't figure it out, but they were both chanting "PUPPY! PUPPY! PUPPY!!!" and did not want their puppy to be more than 6 inches away.

Okay...fine...time for sleep. I love you. Sweet dreams.

I continue cleaning up the living room (bane of my existence).

Five minutes later, Matt was sobbing "PUPPY! PUPPY! PUPPY!!!" So, I gimped my way up the stairs to find out what was going on. Apparently, he was upset because he was simply trying to go to sleep to the Puppy's bedtime music (which will play in intervals of 2, 5, and 10 minutes...if you're interested) and Hailey kept playing the daytime songs.

I was up and down the stairs no less than 6 more times within that hour. I was so pissed off. Husband and I were texting (b/c he was at the gym with his two functioning off) and I'm pretty sure he was expecting two stuffed puppies at the end of nooses when he got home.

What I could gather from Matt's blathering and broken English is that every time he would try to cuddle with his puppy, it would make noise and freak him the fuck out (his words...not mine). Whether Puppy would sing a song, randomly bark, or ask him to play, it was not making Matt happy. I also figured out that every time Hailey's puppy would make a sound, it would freak Matt out (which I'm pretty sure gave her great satisfaction). Finally, I figured out that I would just turn off the sound. Problem solved, right?

You would have thought I ripped the Crazies' legs off!!!


I tried to ignore it for a while knowing I had done the right thing. I tried to concentrate on more important things like catching up on blogs and watching the ho-bags on Bachelor Pad. It was incessant though. I'm pretty sure they were giving their Puppies CPR up there between wailing and sobbing. The Crazies thought the Puppies had sad.

So, up the stairs I gimp again...they were nearly in hysterics. Matt was close to hyperventilating and Hailey (who had been quiet until I screwed with her Puppy) was sobbing in the saddest manner possible.

That's it! It is time for sleeping! I am going to turn the Puppy's sound back on, but you are NOT to play with them at all!!!! Do you understand me???

Sad nods...playtime was over...Mommy's devil face had made it's appearance. Both puppies were turned back on and set for 5 minutes of bedtime music. There was finally silence in my house at 9:00 PM when they had originally been put to bed at 7:40 PM. Seriously???

Husband and I were up no less than 5 times last night. Each time we went in, not only did they need their bink (pink bink to be specific...whose idea was it to teach the Crazies to talk again? Not mine...I wouldn't have done anything that self-destructive.), but they also continued to ask about their Puppy.

At 4:45 AM, when Hailey started playing daytime music on her Puppy, she got to see Mommy's devil face again (but it wasn't as pretty this time b/c there was no make up on it now...scary!!!).

I think it was about that time that I mentioned something to Husband about how shitty it will be to take their binks away. I'm pretty sure I caused him nightmares for the hour and 15 minutes we had left to sleep. What a shit night!

Lesson learned: Only quiet soft toys allowed in bed for the rest of their lives...that's I'm dictating rules for the rest of their lives.

PS - I'd rather have them sleep with the delicious snack treats at this point.

PPS - I've cut down to one cup of coffee a day and no soda in preparation for the surgery where I can't eat or drink anything all morning. Coincidentally, it's also the orientation for the Crazies' school, so I'm sure I'll be extra bitchy that morning (making friend, huh?). Lovely...I just didn't want to go into surgery with a caffeine withdrawal I had last night...that's right...all of this happened on top of an annoying headache.