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Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

Playing along with Danifred to kick the weekend off!!!
  • Getting a little freaked about the television crew Monday morning. At least my zit went away, Husband will be taking care of my roots this weekend, and this has been the impetus we've needed to finally get organized!!!
  • The TV crew thing has made me a lot less nervous about my surgery on Tuesday. However, I AM nervous about the fact that I can't eat or drink until 1:00, but if I did it with the c-section, I can do it with this silly little knee surgery, right? Funny...I should probably be thinking about whether or not I'll be able to walk rather than eating and drinking. Priorities...
  • Seriously??? Bristol Palin on DWTS??? Ridic. Don't even get me started on the Octodisaster being a possibility...puhleeze!!!
  • Has anyone ever used these before? I'm kind of weirded out by the fact that you're putting an actual sandwich right in there...doesn't it get dirty? Are they easy to clean? Do they really get clean? Sounds like an interesting concept, but I can't get past throwing shit away. I love to throw things away...I'm so freaking green, aren't I?
  • Just call me Betty Freaking Crocker...or some chick who looks up recipes on the internet. I made this chicken...kid friendly (with a little less cayenne, maybe) and delicious! Other than soaking in the buttermilk and coating it with a little crispiness, the whole thing takes only 20 minutes to cook. Thumbs up from me, Husband, and Hailey. Matt found the crispy coating to be a little "HOT" for his liking and ate corn, ketchup, and noodles instead.
  • New quote: "I'm not arguing...I'm just explaining why I'm right." (pilfered from a FB friend) it!
  • I kind of want to be this chicka...coaching a high school football team and you're a young woman. That's pretty kick-ass!!!
  • Still trying to figure out how to tell Husband that I am not going to recycle paper towel rolls...that's just a horrible waste of my time.
  • Hailey has taken to crying when we shut the door for bedtime. I was listening the other night only to hear Matt saying, "Calm, Hailey, calm..." It was the sweetest thing...granted, she wasn't giving him an ounce of attention, but he was really trying to calm her down. I realize this is exactly what I say when I go's amazing what they're picking up on.
  • gross are we as a society that our bed bug problem just keeps getting worse? Here are the top 15 cities...planning a visit any time soon? I'm itchy just thinking about this.

What Are You Reading? (summer edition)

I haven't written about books in a while. That's mostly b/c I can never remember what I'm reading and my beloved Kindle is upstairs...just not willing to make that trek during nap time!

So, here is what has been happening over the summer in my Kindle (chronologically in case that makes a tiny little bit of difference in your lives...which it probably doesn't):

  • The Gargoyle - This was a very long read with some incredibly uncomfortable parts (think pornographer burned horrifically in drunk driving accident and living to deal with the burns...yuck!), but really made me question what my own personal Hell would be like. Would it be cold since I hate the cold? Would it be hot (traditionalist)? Would I be all alone? Would I be in a crowd of people that were smooshing me to death? The book was pretty much depressing at some parts, but really made me think about relationships and how we come to know each other.
  • The Opposite of Me: A Novel - I thought this one was going to be better quite honestly. I didn't feel that the characters were developed enough in the beginning and I really need to be brought in to a book from the start. Interested storyline though about twins and how things aren't always as they may seem from the outside. It also made me think how I was going to try not to consider either of my kids the "smart one" or the "pretty one." There's too much at stake for kids to be labeled that early in life.
  • The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest - Thank you Stieg Larsson!!! Oh, and it sucks that you died b/c your books kick ass. This is the third of a trilogy, so make sure to read from the beginning. Very interesting characters, settings, and stories that make you say "what the hell just happened?" If you love a good mystery, this is the series for you.
  • The Art of Racing in the Rain - If you've been reading, you kind of know that I'm not really a dog person. Well, Dog (Brie) doesn't really enjoy that particular personality trait in me. That's why I decided to read this book. I know that I could be nicer to her...I get it. This book was written from a dog's perspective and while that may sound weird, it really worked. It has actually gotten me to change the way I speak to and behave around Dog. I also think this will decrease my chances of her eating me in my sleep.
  • Everything is Wrong With Me: an American Childhood Gone, Well, Wrong - Funny and quick read if you're into that sort of thing. I was after reading some of those killers above. I needed something lighter...something that wouldn't make me cringe, cry, or have nightmares. This was the perfect book. The author is a guy who grew up as a fat kid getting in trouble in Philly and has some awesome stories to tell. The predicaments that this dude found himself in were ridiculous. I found it especially interesting since Husband is from Philly...I'm going to make him read it during my surgery. Seriously...just look at this kid's picture!
  • New York: The Novel - I just started this a few nights ago. I think I was so tired at first that I didn't realize how interesting this was. It is seriously set when the colonies were just being created. Manhattan was still an island of farms and a few towns. Long Island (where I grew up...holla!) was given its name because it was, indeed, a long island. The history that had to be discovered simply to write this novel appropriately is going to be very interesting...I can tell already.
  • 5000 Year Leap: 30 Year Anniversary Edition with Glenn Beck Foreword - A teacher friend of mind recommended this one (an social studies teacher...go figure) and I took him up on it b/c we really should understand the values on which our country was created. I feel that a lot of that has been lost and we have also translated the Constitution over and over again to suit our needs. I know we're a changing country, but knowing where we came from is important to me. Apparently this book lays it out in such a manner that even a lowly Algebra teacher like myself should be able to follow it. That made me happy too. I haven't started it yet, but it's going to become my afternoon reading material...too heavy to read before bed!

I'm hoping with my surgery next week, that I'll have a good amount of time for reading, but I think that I'll be fighting the Crazies off instead. I'm actually hoping not to be knocked off my feet for too long. I've had enough of this crap...I want my life back.

So, what are you guys reading? What was your best read of the summer? What do you want to read?