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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Art of Matt

We got a bunch of cool presents for our 2nd birthday. That's right...we're two...jealous much? Anyway, as much as we love the new toys, the boxes never lose their luster. Well, maybe after Daddy puts them in the garbage with the flies and rainwater (ew!), but until then, it's like two toys in one...

Typically, we have an unspoken agreement...Hailey plays with the toys and I get the boxes. It's easy. Everyone was happy. No one got hurt...until Hailey felt the need to get in on the action.

Where did it all go wrong?

At this point, I thought she was just being cute for the camera. Yes, it's adorable that we're both sitting on the box. No, we will not look at Mommy. Okay, the picture is over. Now get off my box. Hailey, I'm serious. Get off the damn box!!!

Fine...if you won't leave on your own, I'll be forced to tickle your feet. does that feel? Are you peeing your pants yet? If you just get off the box, no one get hurt. Are you listening to me??? That's right...this is my box. This is not your box. You will get off this box! MUST PROTECT THIS BOX!!! Where have I heard that before (amended UA shoutout for Daddy)?

Okay, so you're going to play Tough Girl, huh? Fine...I'll resort to head butting you with my enormous head. Your head is all little and delicate. Well, now you're screwed...totally screwed. My ridiculously oversized head is totally going to push your entire body off of the box and I will reign supreme...once again.

Ummm...why is she pushing back? How did she get so strong? Guess I underestimated her neck! Crap! How long do you think we'll be doing this for? I have an appointment with Whyatt from Super Why in a few minutes! This was supposed to be easy!!!!! JUST GET OFF THE DAMN BOX, HAILEY!!!