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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Walks...if Mommy can't take us, Daddy will...

Hi everyone! It's Hailey! I finally figured out how to get on one of the dining room chairs, so I thought I'd try this blogging stuff for myself.

Mommy hurt her you all know b/c she probably can't stop talking about it here either. She used to take us on walks, but she hasn't been able to do that lately. So, Daddy took us for a walk the other day and let me tell was nice to get out. All Mommy could do was sit home, vacuum, make dinner, and come out to take cute pictures of us...can't wait until she's 100% again!

It's cool...Mommy lets me bring my stroller on walks. She says it's the only way I keep moving, but I know it's really because she knows how much I love my "baby." Daddy was a little hesitant about it and even tried to help me cross the street (the nerve), but he's getting more adjusted to my independence.

See? Do you see how I'm looking at the ground to make sure my baby doesn't feel any bumps? I'm very conscientious that way.

He's probably pointing at a rock or something. He's pretty big into inanimate objects. He's still cute though, right? He's my buddy!

Mommy always says "start them young" and I guess that goes for chores too. Matt just turned 2 and she already has him bringing the papers to the recycling bin. I'm pretty sure it's because she can't bend over to get them, but what do I know? I'm just a kid!

She says we're her "three favorite people." She actually said it as she took this picture. I think it was something like "I can't believe my three favorite people left me limping up this driveway all alone." She loves us.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's events. We're getting filmed by a television crew! I'm so excited! I'm a little nervous too. I'm wearing my green and white dress! Babysitter is coming over to make sure that we don't get into things too much and that we're quiet when Mommy is talking. Do you think it would be silly if Mommy took pictures for her blog?

Also, I think that Mommy is happy that football is back. I heard her saying something like "nice interception" and "where is the o-line?" I have no idea what she's talking about, but I do know she really likes the Giants. She was talking smack in the grocery store today!!! Who does that???