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Monday, August 30, 2010

Reality TV...For Reals (by the Crazies)

Matt: So, we were on TV today.

Hailey: No, we weren't...we were filmed for TV today.

Matt: What's the difference?


Matt: Anyway, some new people came into the house and we didn't even cry.

Hailey: Yeah...we were totally cool. Oh, and my dress was beautiful.


Hailey: They set up this HUGE camera in our living room with a really bright light.

Matt: Oh my God...that thing hurt my eyes. Then this lady started asking Mommy a bunch of boring questions about infertility, her feelings, what she went through. All I heard was "blah, blah, blah..."

Hailey: You are so silly. That's important stuff!

Matt: Why? Hailey: Because if Mommy and Daddy didn't go through all of that, we wouldn't be here.

Matt: I still don't get it...

Hailey: sigh...

Matt: Then they just wanted to film us playing. This kind of made me happy b/c Mommy and Daddy (mostly Daddy since Mommy is a gimp) spent so much time cleaning up and I couldn't find any of my toys.

Hailey: Seriously...Matt went on a spree and pulled lots of toys out. I kept hiding from Fred...he was the cameraman and he was huge! We don't have people that tall in our house very was cool.

Matt: All of the sudden, everyone packed up and went bye bye! I was thinking they'd follow us around all day, but they said something about working since 3:30 AM, so I excused them.

Hailey: You excused them? Like they're your servants or something?

Matt: I wish I had servants!!!

Hailey: Then it was all over and we had to get back to normal boring.

Matt: Seriously! The food store and playing outside...YAWN!

Hailey: It's so funny when you scream "NO FOOD STORE!" over and over while Mommy ignores you and then you spend the entire time flirting with all the ladies.

Matt: I do have a way with the women.

Hailey: Then Daddy took us to the park and we went WHEEEEE on the swings for a while.

Matt: Awesome.

Hailey: Tomorrow is our orientation for exciting. We get to scope out our teacher.

Matt: Yes, and the ladies.

Hailey: G.G. is also coming tomorrow b/c Mommy has to see the doctor for her knee.

Matt: Mommy hurt her knee. She needs to get it fixed b/c she can't play with us the right way kind of sucks.

Hailey: So, we're not sure how long Mommy will be out of commission, but we're pretty sure that she'll be back to writing on this blog before she's back to playing with us.

Matt: Yeah...we heard her saying something about being able to write while under the influence of pain killers, but taking care of kids is another matter. Personally, I think it would be easier to take care of us while under the influence, but what do I know? I'M TWO!!!

Hailey: And with that being said, thanks Matt, we're done for the night. We're already up way past our bedtime.

Matt: Wish us luck with our new school tomorrow.

Hailey: Oh, and Mommy too...hopefully this will fix her b/c she knocked her kneecap out twice in the past two days...silly kneecap...stay put!

Matt: Good night...

Hailey: Sleep tight...

Matt: Don't let the Ice Cream Man get you...

Hailey: sigh...

This is a picture of us "waiting" for Daddy to take us to the park...patient, aren't we?