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Saturday, September 4, 2010

By The Numbers...

1: Number of children throwing up in our house last night.
2.5: Number of fully functioning adults.
843: Times I wished I had two full legs.
4: Number of times I realized that Me, Big Black, and G.G. weren't all going to fit in the bathroom together.
2: Number of minutes I soothed Matt because he was scared out of his mind. He had no idea what was going on...just that Hailey was whisked away and she was making animalistic noises.
16: Number of times Hailey either puked or dry heaved throughout the night.
3: Number of seconds it took Hailey to realize that she needs to spit it out or choke on it...poor kid.
1: Number of times G.G. found Dog hiding in the basement. Seriously...Hailey's puke noises are beyond compare.
23: Average number of minutes between pukes...which also means minutes between wake-ups (until 3:38 AM).
14: Number of times Husband muttered the f-word.
1: Number of times I told Husband that we weren't going to discuss how messy my bedside table was in the middle of the night.
0: Number of times Hailey puked in her own bed (that's right...because she was in ours).
2: Number of times Hailey brushed my arm with her hot little hand and I woke up absolutely sure it was puke.
7: Number of times Husband had to clean out the "puke bowl." Does everyone have a "puke bowl" in their house??? Or is it just us?
3: Number of times Husband wished for a nighttime Nanny.
30: Number of minutes of sleep in an average hour.
4: Number of times I tried to roll over on to my side before realizing that Big Black would crush my good leg and I'd be rendered even more useless.
2: Number of times I considered taking Hailey to the hospital.
1: Number of horrendous craps that Hailey took while simultaneously puking her guts up.
0: Number of words Hailey said when she woke up this morning which threw us into worrying whether or not she went mute during the night.
15: Number of words she spoke when we brought Matt in. She was so happy to see him.
3: Number of temper tantrums Matt has had this morning...someone's not getting enough attention.
104: Number of minutes between waking up and now that Hailey hasn't puked.
2: Number of helpings of eggs Hailey has had for breakfast...WTF??? Is this what happens when I don't feed them. Please let it stay down!
32: Times I prayed that it's all over.

Can you tell it's our first time with a stomach virus? We made it 2 years without any major pukeage or anything. We were lucky...this is the pits! I'm really hoping it's all over now!!!! We'll be following the BRAT diet for today fer sher.