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Sunday, September 5, 2010


The Crazies love to say "uh-oh" whenever something happens around our house. I think this is fairly common, but here are some of the amusing conversations that have gone on around our house lately.
  • I come home from surgery with a huge brace on my knee...Uh-oh, Knee!
  • A sock happens to fall off someone's foot...Uh-oh, Sock!
  • They go over a bump in the lawn while G.G. is pulling them in the wagon...Uh-oh!
  • Mommy drops something on the floor...Uh-oh, floor!
  • Dog drips an ocean of water on the kitchen floor during one of her drinks...Uh-oh, Brie!
  • The bathroom door is left open...Uh-oh, close!
  • Daddy decided to take Mommy's car to the food store...Uh-oh, Mommy's car! (like he's not allowed to drive my car)
  • If we're using a knife...Uh-oh, knife! No babies!!!
  • Matt slaps Daddy right in the nuts while trying to alert him to something important (probably the fact that a car was out of place or something OCD like that)...Uh-oh, Daddy! Then they proceed to try to climb on his back b/c if he's down on the floor, he must be ready to give them "rides."
  • Hailey pukes all over the kitchen floor...Uh-oh, sick!
  • Crazies find one of Dog's mud pies in the back yard...Uh-oh, Poop! Poop! Poop! Poop! This one garners a lot of attention.
  • The TV is shut off from afar...Uh-oh, TV!
  • If a pair of scissors is left on the counter (out of reach, of course)...Uh-oh, scissors! Yes, they can say "scissors" and I have no idea how they learned that very difficult word.
  • Laptop is shut off after Hailey presses 5,000,000 buttons and Mommy has no idea what she's done...Uh-oh, black!
  • Crazies hear Daddy drop something in the bathroom long after they should be asleep...Uh-oh!
So, it should have come as no surprise to me that the following scenario occurred yesterday morning. Keep in mind that we were kept up most of the night by Hailey's stomach virus, but somehow she is able to be all perky and happy while the rest of us are dragging ass.
  • Beautiful day on the East Coast.
  • Kids want to go outside to play.
  • G.G. is cleaning the house because it's Saturday morning and "that's what you do on Saturday morning!" Her words...not mine.
  • Daddy is convinced by the Crazies to go outside and play. By "convinced," I mean they wouldn't stop saying "outside" and pulling on Daddy's shorts.
  • He opens up the shed only to be inundated by requests of "mower," "trimmer," and "cars."
  • Daddy is very tired and when he's tired he's not Fun Dad. Who can blame him?
  • All of the sudden, I see him chucking the Little Tikes cars out of the shed. You know the ones that are completely indestructible. Yeah...he's throwing them, with all his might, out of the shed.
  • The kids are in the duck and cover posture while staring in disbelief.
  • Then Hailey puts her hands up in a questioning position and says, "UH-OH!"
I hate to admit it, but I was in the house laughing my ass off. Poor Husband...he just can't catch a break.