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Monday, September 6, 2010

Arthroscopic Lateral Release Surgery - One Week In...

Sorry if you're all getting bored with this knee shit, but if I don't keep track of it somewhere, I'll lose my mind.

One Week In:
  • Pain - Surprisingly, I haven't had that much pain. Crazy, right? I had a bunch of gauze on the knee until Friday (surgery was on Tuesday) and every time I stood up, the brace pushed down on the gauze. That was uncomfortable, but bearable. I took one Percocet and threw up like a maniac. I'm pretty sure I was a little high too, but have only a slight memory of what was said. I didn't take any more. I took Tylenol for the pain after that and have lived with it. I guess after carrying two full grown babies for 38.5 weeks, my tolerance for pain is pretty high.
  • Movement - Dr. W told me to wear the brace (a.k.a. Big Black) all the time except in the shower. This includes while sleeping (which makes sense b/c I'm a maniac when I am sleeping...especially when the babies wake at night...and puke all over Husband...I wouldn't be thinking about my knee if it weren't for this ginormous brace). I sleep on my back every night with my leg elevated. Sleep is not my friend right now. I have tightness in my calf when I wake up in the morning, but I can only guess that I'm overcompensating in some way. When I have taken Big Black off for showers, there is significant weakness. I can't figure out the exact reason for this, but here are my four guesses:
  • It's numb b/c I am wrapping the ACE bandage too tight (highly unlikely b/c it's stretchy).
  • It's weak b/c I'm not using it as much (or very minimally).
  • It feels weak b/c I don't trust it.
  • It's weak and numb b/c I have nerve damage (the hypochondriac in me).
  • Ability To Do Anything But Sit On The Chair With My Leg Up - okay, this one is a little more frustrating. I am able to do stairs, but I do them infrequently as it is uncomfortable. I am able to cook for a little while, but I end up feeling woozy and have to sit down (booooo). I can sit outside, but I have to have my leg up on a chair. I do not feel safe taking care of the kids alone and, thankfully, I haven't had to. I have not carried the kids up and down the stairs, taken them in/out of the highchairs, or been able to take them in/out of their cribs. I am frustrated at this, but I need to remember that I'm only a week out of surgery and still need to take it easy. I feel so fucking useless and helpless though and those two words are just not in my vocabulary!!!! Pity party - over!
  • Style - I have worn nothing but exercise shorts and t-shirts all week long...I am the hotness. I can't blame myself though b/c it's nearly impossible to get away with anything else. I'm going to try a "normal" pair of shorts for the kids' first day of preschool tomorrow, but we'll see. This brace seriously comes right up to my ass, so that's always a good look (and very comfortable). I have been striving for comfort so much that I haven't even put on a real bra this week...oh well...the girls are surviving. Hailey thought I had a tummy ache tonight and started to rub them (as opposed to my stomach...they're not that low yet, but that's what she wanted to do...whatever) at least they're still there! Poor girl...she's going to be so confused when she hits puberty or gets a tummy ache!
There...I feel better. I just had to get it all out and in writing. That way, when Dr. W asks me questions, I'm not left grunting and drooling. I always forget shit when I'm talking to the doctor!

We'll be back to our normally scheduled program of Crazies' Cuteness, First Day of Preschool (even though we stay for the entire hour...WTF? Cut the umbilical cord already!), and other random shit that flies in and out of my head! You, how the hell am I going to walk on the beach with a leg and a half???