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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Never Say Never, Right?

Call me heartless, but I really don't think I'll cry when my kids go to kindergarten. I've been seeing all of this back-to-school business all over blogs and FB and I just don't get it. Why is everyone crying?

Granted, I imbibed a little bit of the Back-to-School Beer with yesterday's post, but I'm only human, right? I mostly did it because the bags and Hailey's outfit were so cute! Shallow, ain't I?

Here's my take on sending kids to school. That's what you've worked so hard for 5 years to be able to do. That is your job as a ready them for the outside world. You have exposed them to music, books, animals, parks, libraries, gymnastics classes, family (the other f-word), other kids, dance classes, Mommy and Me classes, and everything in between to ensure that when they go into Kindergarten, they will feel comfortable and be happy. So, what are you crying for?

Are you crying because you want another baby?
Are you crying because you're lonely?
Are you crying because you can't believe your "baby" has grown up so quickly?
Are you crying because your house will be so quiet?
Are you crying because your entire life has been this child and you have nothing to do now?
Are you crying because you're proud?
Are you crying because you're exhausted?
Are you crying from happiness because you can walk home from the bus stop and enjoy an uninterrupted cup of coffee?

I'm not saying that I'll never cry...never say never, right?

What I'm wondering is why is everyone crying? Why are you all so sad? What am I missing?

This should be a happy and joyous moment in your child's development. Celebrate yourselves!!! With your help and constant guidance, they have made it to the point in their life where they are able to get on that bus, shoot you a huge smile, and make it through an entire day without you...happily. Job well done, Parents! It's been a long and arduous 5 years, but you've done your job! Go have a beer (yes, at 8 AM...okay, maybe a mimosa)!!!

A week from Monday, I'll be dropping the Crazies off at their 2's program for two whole hours. I am unsure of my reaction at this point, but I believe that a good amount of my soul will feel some relief. I will have reached the point in my parenting where I deserve a little bit of a break and where my kids are well taken care of by someone else...and learning things that they may not learn from me.

The Crazies may cling a little bit at first, but they'll be ushered in by very caring teachers and will find something to do and will forget all about me for 2 whole hours. Good for them...enjoy it, Crazies! Before you know it, you'll be back with me's a bitch, huh?