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Monday, September 13, 2010

Arthroscopic Lateral Release Surgery - Two Weeks In...

Okay, so I got the stitches out on Friday. What a traumatic experience...first of all, I knew he was going to touch my knee...SCARY!!!! Second of all, he used these really sharp little scissors to cut the stitches and stabbed me! Okay, maybe he didn't stab me, but he definitely missed the stitch and hit my skin. That fucking hurt...a lot. I screamed, jumped like an idiot, and felt like my knee cap was going to come out of the socket again...lovely. Thanks, Dr. W! I'm pretty sure he was planning that for weeks...he hates me.

MOVEMENT - I started my exercises right away. I probably should have started Physical Therapy, but I'm away right now and I just couldn't reschedule my vacation...that's not going to happen. So, I'm doing my exercises and getting pretty good range of motion. Dr. W said he had me at about 20-30 degrees, but when I was home and got things stretched out pretty well, I could get further. When I'm sitting on a chair, I can get to a full 90 degrees and my brace is now set at 45 degrees. It is most uncomfortable when I'm trying to straighten my leg rather than when I'm bending it...weird, right? I start "official" PT on Monday afternoon. I'll get my initial evaluation and then we'll figure out my plan. I am going to work as hard as possible to get better quickly.

PAIN - Not too much. I have a good amount of pain while I'm doing some of my exercises, but other than that, just random pain. I take Advil quite frequently, but that's just because I'm moving around (the Knee does not care that I'm on vacation and want to do things). There is a good amount of discomfort and numbness. Dr. W said the numbness was "normal" and that some patients actually prefer nerve damage to being able to feel everything...I beg to differ. I don't think nerve damage is normal, but I do think it's one of those things that you deal with from surgery. I had some with a hernia surgery and some with my happens.

STYLE - I can wear regular shorts and I actually sported a pair of capris, but no skirts or dresses...blah. I'm supposed to wear the brace until I feel like I won't fall down...good advice. I wore it walking to the beach, but was able to sit without it on...those would be some HOT tan lines, huh? I still sleep in it b/c I'm petrified that I would do something in my sleep and not realize it. It happened once while it was set at 45 degrees, I heard a horrific pop in my knee, and now I will be sleeping with it locked.

FAMILY - Husband is getting a little frustrated with having to do everything. He's being a trooper, but it's been over a month now and he's been busting his ass. The Crazies don't seem to come to me first anymore for anything which breaks my heart. I asked them if they still liked me this morning and Hailey simply said, "no." I started crying. Husband started laughing at me. In my head, I know they still like me, but I'm not the Mommy that I was. No worries...I intend to be the Mommy who played on the floor and ran around like an idiot. It's just going to take some time.

That's really all that I have to report. The car ride to the beach (3.5 hours) was bearable and somewhat comfortable because we unlocked my knee. I couldn't turn around and contort my body into 3,000,000 different positions to get lost drinks and snacks, but maybe that's a good thing! We managed and got here in one piece. I am able to walk on the beach, so that's saving my life right now. All I wanted was to get to the beach. We're not taking our usual early morning family walks, but that's okay...there will be other years where we can walk the beach. We've just got to get through this.

Oh, and I'm going to try driving tomorrow...when we get back, I'm responsible for taking the Crazies to school and tutoring again. Life will be back to Crazy!!!