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Monday, September 20, 2010

Arthroscopic Lateral Release Surgery - Three Weeks In...

This week has really thrown me for a loop. I had some high points (going to the beach, walking on the boardwalk, seeing the Crazies on rides) and some low points (almost falling in the shower, horrible muscle spasms that convinced me the knee was dislocating again, and crying...lots of crying).

I feel like we've ended on an up note though...physically at least as my heart still hurts over the loss of my Aunt. I started Physical Therapy tonight and I am encouraged. My therapist understood my trepidation as she remembers the day I dislocated the knee. She gets that it was a trauma and I am in a total mental fuck (my words, not hers...she's a nice churchgoing girl). That's cool of her to get it though, right?

MOVEMENT - Today was the first day my range of movement had actually been measured. I had a 17 degree straight (12 degrees by the time I was done...hate not being able to straighten my leg) and a 71 degree bent bend (81 degrees by the time I left). Therapist wants me at 120 degrees. She explained that I had to get my range of motion back because I didn't want to get adhesions which can only be fixed surgically (like they tear the adhesions apart so that you can re-stretch everything through more physical therapy). That doesn't sound fun at all, does it? I spasmed a lot during the session, but only cried out like a little baby once. Go me! She also showed me how to hold my knee cap in so that it won't come out. It's really really weakened, so that is something very important for me to know!

PAIN - Not as much pain as fucking annoyingly weakened discomfort. I have been taking more and more Ibuprofen for the swelling. Therapist seemed concerned about the swelling, but she said it would gradually subside as long as I kept up with my exercises. I am still having a hell of a time getting in and out of the shower. I need to be very careful because I seriously think I'm going to fall. She mentioned these bars that can suction on to your shower walls...I think I'm going to get like 500 of those suckers!

STYLE - I'm pretty sure I'll be living in work out clothes and sneakers for the entire Fall season. Too bad...I like a lot of the Ann Taylor Loft clothes, but maybe I'll escape this horrible jegging trend!

FAMILY - It's really hard for me to be apart from my family right now. I won't be making it to NY for my Aunt's funeral and that really sucks. I just can't do it right now. Husband has been very understanding and accommodating with how crazy things are right now. His main focus is getting me better...he wants it as badly as I do! The Crazies made it through their first 2 hour solo session this morning. I don't know if they cried when I left because I booked my ass out of there. I can tell you that Matt was the first kid out of the door upon pick-up and he was crying his eyes out. Hailey came out skipping and literally skipped down the hall to the car. She talked about her day the whole way Hailey-speak. She has her own little language. Driving went fine...a spastic dude on a bike made me a little nervous, but I got it all done! It is such a PITA though to get in and out of the car and getting this brace on and off!!! I can tell you that I probably won't be leaving the house when it rains. I'm such a pu$$y when it comes to rain!

That's all...thanks for struggling through my Knee Documentation. BTW...I didn't cry when I left the Crazies. I have a fleeting thought of "shit, I barely know the people I just left my kids with," but it was seriously fleeting while I concentrated on driving!!!! Go me!!!

PS - Is it mean that I want to throw things at the women that go happily jogging by my house in the morning???

PPS - What if I want Florence Henderson to dislocate her knee while dancing on DWTS??? Is that mean?