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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Things I've Been Meaning To Say...

  • Husband has been awesome through all of this knee shit. He's really stepped up and I couldn't do anything without him. He has taken over the cleaning, some cooking, a lot of the Crazy-duty, laundry, grocery shopping, baths/showers, bedtime, and everything else I can't do. All of this is on top of what he normally does. He's mostly been nice to me too! I really lucked out in the Husband department. He's the best!!!
  • G.G. came to stay with us the week of my knee surgery. She had a great time with the Crazies and made sure I did what I was supposed to be doing. Once a Mom, always a Mom, right? Either way, she spent 2 out of the 4 weeks in August at our house and I can't tell you how much we appreciated it!
  • MomMom/MIL came to the rescue the week after Labor Day. She spent the week with us and enjoyed lots of time with the Crazies. Lots of walks and playing outside...I'll bet she was exhausted by the time she got home! Thanks, MomMom!!! Couldn't have made it through without you!!!
  • My Dad offered numerous times to come down and help us out. I really appreciate it even though it didn't work out with our vacation and everything. I think it's awesome that he was willing to drop everything at a moment's notice just for little old me.
  • BFF and Cousin were so accommodating during our vacation. I don't know if they expected me to be as incapacitated as I was, but I appreciate all your help! If it hadn't been for you guys lugging our chairs down to the beach, we wouldn't have made it. Thanks for walking at a snail's pace so I didn't feel left out. Thanks for making fun of me (and taking a damn picture) when that old man on the motorized scooter stopped to talk to me...then peeled off!!
  • Sister for making me laugh when I needed it and for Skyping with me when I looked perfectly awful. What are sisters for, right?
  • Thanks to J for making us dinner the night of my surgery...just having it there and not having to think about dinner was awesome. It was totally yummy too!
  • Thanks to all my FB friends for the encouraging comments and for checking up on me too. It means a lot.
  • Thanks to all of my blog readers too...I know I've been venting a lot lately and you're probably completely bored with that, but things will get better. Again, this blog is for documentation purposes as much as anything else. I need somewhere to write it all down before I forget it!!!