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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Do They Get Along Well?

When people realize that the Crazies are twins, they inevitably ask "do they get along well?"

The answer has been a resounding "no" for way too long. They fight, grab, shove, hit, yell, and are really really selfish with their things. They never really played all.

Recently Matt's new thing has been "Hailey touch" when I'm changing him. He doesn't want her touching his things...drama.

Then last night, Husband and I were talking about the interactions we had with the kids during the day. I had to take them to the gym for the first time since Knee screwed my life up and then I left for tutoring before they woke up from their naps. Babysitter was here for a while and then Husband took over. It was a crazy day...

What we're starting to notice through this veil of chaos is that they are starting to get along more and more. Here's what we've seen lately:

  • They love to name the stuffies in each other's beds when they wake up in the morning.
  • Every time I ask Matt if he's pooped, he says, "Hailey poop" and she laughs her head off.
  • When Matt didn't "feel good" the other day, Hailey rubbed his tummy and then laid down on the floor like he was on the couch.
  • When I dropped them off at the Kids Zone at the gym yesterday, Matt was reluctant and Hailey served as an example. She walked right in and then turned around to wait for Matt. He was crying a little, but she didn't leave his side until he had calmed down.
  • After lunch, they trek into the living room and read books. Sometimes they fight over the same book, but sometimes they show each other what they're reading and have really in depth conversations about the subject at hand. Yesterday it was cruise ships.
  • Matt shared his cookie with Hailey yesterday at the table...he would hold it just out of her reach and she'd try to grab it. They both found this wildly entertaining and, in the end, he gave her the piece of cookie smiling the whole time.
  • If Hailey is sad, Matt will say "Hailey cry" and try to find some little trinket to cheer her up.
  • After dinner, they chase each other around the house with wild abandon laughing the entire time.
  • When one of them uses the potty successfully, the other one will cheer and clap...they do this for Mommy and Daddy too. We're getting pretty good at it ;)
It really interesting to watch this turn of events around our house. I'm not saying that they don't fight because in order to say that, I would have had to have a lobotomy, but empathy and kindness is slowly working its way into our humble abode!