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Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Husband is leaving this weekend for a baseball game with Cousin.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with the Crazies since there is no school and no Physical Therapy to keep us occupied.  Wonder what kind of trouble we're going to get into!  Wonder if they're going to drive me to the brink of insanity because I can't take them outside (don't feel like I could keep them safe enough...lame, right?).

  • Typically if Husband was going away, I'd order sushi (because I'm obsessed with sodium).  Not going to happen this weekend b/c I'll be damned if I order my sushi, pile the Crazies in the car, drive to the sushi place, unpile the kids from the car, go in, pay, pile the Crazies back in the car, soothe them b/c we're not staying at the sushi place, drive home, pile the Crazies out of the car, and not be able to enjoy my sushi at all...just ain't gonna happen!   Sushi, I miss you...we'll be reunited soon!

  • This was my first week back to being Mom full-time.  I think I did okay.  We made it to school on time both days.  I finished 3 days of Physical Therapy.  I made it to all of my tutoring sessions.  The Crazies got fed, clothed, and bathed every day (the last one was thanks to Husband).  I think this week was a success.

  • I hate stinkbugs with a passion.
  • Matthew keeps toe walking.  I'm pretty sure he's doing it on purpose b/c when I tell him to "walk flat," he smiles and says "NO!" and twinkle toes away from me.  Guess it probably doesn't help when I tell him he looks like a fairy, huh?
    • The Crazies' school is requesting that every student bring something red in for a class collage.  WTF am I supposed to send???  I need ideas desperately!!!  All I can think of is the lid to our butter container...I suck at this Crafty Mom shit.

    • I feel like I should start getting manicures again b/c Rachel Zoe's fingernails always look so pretty, but when the hell am I going to do that???  Sad that I base what I should do on Rachel Zoe's life...we're so parallel, right?  Light bulb!!!  If I used that new lacquer stuff that lasts longer, this manicure idea could actually work out every  now and then!

    • So glad that good TV is back.  It's so much better to do my PT exercises while watching decent television.  (Note to self...get a life) 

    • Facebook and Blogger went down at the same exact time yesterday (4:18 EST).  I was at a complete loss.  This injury has turned me into an Internet junkie and I can't even find anything interesting!!!  I can't wait to be "normal" again...if that even exists in my life!  (Note to self...seriously...get a life!)

    • I really need new Fall/Winter clothes, but Big Black is not going to let me try on clothes easily (not to mention the fact that walking too far is excruciating and that I'd be pushing the Crazies in the stroller on top of that).  Hmmm...guess I will wait, but it's so hard!

    • I'm pretty sure I use "..." too much in my writing, but I just can't stop! 
    • This picture makes me want to get back to the gym in a serious way.  Jealous much???
    Thank you OMG!!!

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