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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekly Winners...Tutu Style

What do you mean "Daddy's not going to like this?"  I don't get it!

What about this?  Will he like this?  Now I have my Abby lunchbox and my baby stroller.  

Who gives a crap if he has my Abby lunchbox?  I'm going to lap this fairy!!!  Bahahahahahaaaa!!!!!

This is how you do this, right?  In the nook of the arm?

Hey!  Just because I'm dressed like this, doesn't mean you can take advantage of me!  Give me my pink baby stroller!!!!

OMG...Mom, did you see what Matt is wearing???  He's wearing a tutu!!!  I am freaking cracking up!

Yeah, yeah,, I'm in touch with my feminine side.  So what?

Time for calisthenics.  They may wear tutus, but they're going to be in shape while doing it!

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