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Monday, September 27, 2010

Arthroscopic Lateral Release Surgery - Four Weeks In...

Wow...I can't believe it's been almost four weeks already.  Believe it or not, but 4 weeks ago, I was a ton stronger than I am today.  It's amazing how much weakness I have incurred just from being immobilized since my injury.  I used to be strong.  I used to have strong legs.  Now?  Not so much!

Therapist says I'm gaining mobility every time I go.  That's encouraging because my mobility was severely limited.  The PT has not only given me some more confidence, but I can see small gains in my movement too.  When I am in the office, I am very tense which leads to a lot of spasms, but even that has decreased over this first week of therapy.  I have also gotten a lot better at getting my leg straight.  I can only say that this has got to be directly attributed to knowing how to hold my knee cap in its socket.  Nice, huh?

They have me on the bike too.  It throws me into an absolute shitfit panic to think of doing an entire revolution (says the girls who would attend and enjoy spinning classes 3-4 times a week), but I am doing well.  I basically rock the pedals back and forth until I feel a stretch...hold it for 10 seconds...then turn it the other way.

I have some pain tonight as the PT (old dude who saw me when the knee cap was actually out of the socket on that fated day in yoga) worked my knee pretty good.  He showed me how to articulate the knee cap (gross) and how to massage the ligament that was snipped.  He said that if I don't move things around, the ligament will not heal properly (ahem...not a fucking option).  So, one more thing added to the repertoire.  Now I have exercises on the chair/standing/floor, incision manipulation, and medial articulation of the knee cap with massage of the ligament.  I'm going to be busy!!!

Oh, if I wake up in the middle of the night with one of the Crazies, I have horrific calf cramps in my bad leg.  How do you get rid of calf cramps?  You straighten your leg, right?  Well, what if you can't straighten your leg b/c your knee cap will pop out?  HUH???  What then???

Puleeze!!!!  This is ridiculous!  I want to be cute again, but I can't seem to quit wearing my sneakers!  I haven't worn any other shoes since I got back from the beach.  I am sick of wearing them, but what else can I do?  I could wear flats, but I'm afraid that I'll slip (scary shit) and I can't think of anything else at the moment.  God, I'm going to be wearing fucking orthotic shoes soon, right?  Kill me now!!!  If I wear pants/capris that are a little loose around the waist, my brace pulls down on them and reveals my undies...hotness.  If I wear pants (for a cold morning or something exciting like that), my brace pulls them up like I'm wearing floods.  I'm so hot, if you see me, please try not to jump me.

I also saw some chick in PT tonight that had a knee injury.  She was on her last session of PT and I was trying to learn how to walk again (this depresses me b/c I had an awesome walk...I walk like an chimpanzee now) and mentioned wearing heels...this chick literally laughed out loud at me.  Make that my personal goal...will wear heels by next summer...take that, bitch!

God, I don't know...where to start?  There is so much going on in this arena and so little I can actually talk about at this point.  I missed my Aunt's funeral entirely, but with the amount of driving that my sister and mother had to do, I seriously don't think I could have done it.  Husband went away this weekend and we did alright.  He needed it.  I didn't/couldn't give baths, but everything else went pretty smoothly.  There is a trip planned for a few weeks from now with my family.  I was hesitant about going (still am as it involves air travel, a different environment, and no Husband :(), but the PT seemed pretty cool about it.  He wants to give me specific exercises for the pool that will actually increase my range of motion while I'm gone.  The Crazies are doing well.  They're getting more adjusted to being in the house more, but I still feel bad.  I know they won't remember, but I would seriously like to get back to being the mother that I was proud of being!  Shit...does that sentence even make sense???