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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday Randomness and Belly F*cks

  • It's going to rain like eleven inches here today.
Thanks!  This is the best depiction of "screwed" that I can find!
  • I'm not planning on leaving the house.
  • I hoped and wished and prayed last night for late sleeping babies.
  • They were up and saying "I done sleep" by 6:10 AM.
  • Husband probably wanted to divorce me when he came down to find me on the recliner, under a blanket, on the internet, reading blogs.  I wouldn't have blamed him.
  • I may not make it through the day if we're going to stay inside all day.
  • I can't tell you how much I wanted to slap my tutoring kid who asked if school would be canceled today because of all the rain.  Wimp!!!
  • Dog is back.  I didn't miss her.  She does seem less hyper though.
  • Over the weekend, Husband and I were discussing stopping off to get some wine.  Hailey distinctly called it "Mommy Juice."
  • Yesterday at PT, I did full revolutions on the bike for 10 minutes.  That's a big deal for me!
  • My friend, A, came over yesterday for lunch.  She thought it was funny/cute/amusing to give Hailey belly farts (whatever you call blow all over the baby's belly and it sounds like a fart) and Hailey found it hysterical too.  After a while, she'd lift her shirt up expectantly for A to fart on her belly again.  After a while, the Crazies started running around the house screaming, "F*********CK!  F*******CK!!!  F*************CK!!!"  I was horrified.  My darling little angels (shit, couldn't get that one out without laughing out loud) were running around my house cursing like sailors.  I thought I was the only one who did that!  A, a seasoned mother, finally figured out that they were saying "FART," but it was coming out wrong.  When she corrected them (through tears of laughter), they started saying "FARRRRRRTTT!!!"  Can we call that an upgrade?  God, I hope they stop screaming that before they return to school on Monday!